HELP!!! My Gucci has a stain!!!!

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  1. I had my brown canvas Gucci bag sitting on some bright orange paper and at the same time some water leaked out of a sippy cup and onto the paper while my bag was sitting on it. I know..............BRILLIANT huh??? :o) Anyway, I was unaware and now after 24 hours of the bag sitting there I noticed the orange paper bled onto my purse. Does anyone know what I can use to clean it off? I tried a baby wipe and that didn't work.

    Please help!!!!! :o) Any suggestions are appreciated.

  2. In my opinion it would be best to take it to a great dry cleaner and see if they can do anything about this point messing too much with the orangish colour might mess it up more..just my opinion!

    i'm sure a good dry cleaner would be able to get the colour out
  3. try baby like magic :smile:

    but make sure they are unscented and un everything else lol!
  4. I suggest contacting Gucci Repairs or stopping my the store for suggestions. I had a horrible stain from color transfer and they had to clean it. It cost me about about 100 dollars. But it looks good! If you let someone else dry clean it and this drycleaner is unsuccessful with the stain, Gucci won't touch it afterwards.
  5. ^ honestly i dont think its worth the 100 bucks least that's what ALL of my sa's tell me!!!! kinda sad huh!!

    When i asked my sa to get my bag cleaned he just told me a place where he recommends i go...he told me not to bother sending it to gucci because they basically will just rip you off and half the times they dont get the stain out! and he's the manager so im pretty sure he's dealt with it before :smile:

    OH and another think that i know a lot of people do...they use the COACH signature cleaner! seems to work well for them!

    good luck again
  6. Thanks to everyone who posted a response. I am going to try to clean it with baby wipes, and if not, then I will probably take it by Neiman's where I bought it and see what they suggest. :o)

    Wish me luck!!!! I am just sickened that I allowed this to happen.
  7. Oh yeah. I now remember that I initially took my bag into the Gucci department at my local Saks. Although, my bag was purchased at a Gucci Boutique in another country. She mentioned that Saks had something special that could have been done to help if I have purchased it from their store. I'm thinking that they would have cleaned it for me or something. So yeah, check out NM and see what they say if the baby wiped don't do the trick. They suggested that I try to Coach cleaner. (Once I made it to Coach, the manager informed me that it could not be used on my pebbled or textured leather.) It is a good suggestion for you because Coach also makes a lot of bags from canvas material.

    Good luck and don't feel bad. These bags should come with care instructions!

    P.S. I'm not sure if Gucci Repairs always charge $100. I probably shouldn't have posted that because it's not an estimate for every bag. Mine was sooooooo bad. It was possibly restored.
  8. I dropped hot chocolate on my gucci wallet, i took it my favorite dry cleaner and she got it out. but i trust her, i wouldnt have taken it any where. i hope u can clean it. good luck!
  9. one time i was shopping and it was raining..of course i didn't have my umbrella with me..
    and i was wearing my new DKNY(blue, kind of denim)skirt..and it's start colour comming off my hand was all blue..and most important on my bag was a big blue stain..i went that time into dior store..i didn't saw it first(that stain)
    then lady behind dior counter told me..look at your bag there is a stain...:cursing::crybaby:
    so..she take the make up remover wipe(alcohol free)and start taking it down..then she gave my a bag to carrying my bag home..when i get home..i was cleaning it again with wipe...after stain dry..stain was gone....:yahoo:
  10. My kids spilled kool aid on my brown canvas Gucci. I called the store and they told me to use water and a damp towel (which obviously did nothing). I then used oxy clean spray and it came right out without doing any damage to the canvas.
  11. help... my gucci canvas has a stain from my pink shirt rubbing off, does anyone know how i can clean it???