Help ! My girlfriends wallet got stolen, need the name for a rebuy! Help

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Nov 16, 2009
To whomever it may concern,

Hello Everyone,

As the Title already says im looking for a chanel wallet that has been a limited edition or something like that last season or the season before, i dont really know.

My girlfriend who lives in london like i do, got it stolen back in february and it has been her favourite one ever, no matter how many she bought afterwards it was never the same.

So heres my description:
Its a normal sized wallet, it was black leather and in the bottom left corner there where the camelias in different colours, like light colours, light rose, light blue etc. Its a zipper wallet as far as i know.

They where embroided into the leather and where part of it, so they were not standing out.

Ive been in dozen chanel stores and have been asking for it, also had my local store call many stores, but none of them had it obviously.

Now im looking for a name and maybe a picture, or if even, anyone has the exact one im describing here or any simular for sale, i will buy it.

Iam desperately in need of that wallet, so please help me find a name and/or picture.

Please help me so i can save this christmas.

Best regards,
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