Help, my friend ruined my shoes

  1. My friend had a wedding and asked to borrow my Prada shoes. I am not sure how but she tore one of the straps where the buckle is. Does anybody know where I can take them to be fixed? I am in Los Angeles. Thanks so much. :sad:
  2. Wow! I'm so sorry that happened. There are usually shoe repair places that can do wonders. I have a pair in the shop right now. A major repair was only $16. It shouldnt be too hard to fix. My town is small and I had two shoe repair places to choose from. I'm sure LA has tons.
    Hate you're going thru this.
  3. hi sorry to hear that, hope you can get it fixed
  4. Thanks so much for your good vibes. I am so sad and angry. She never told me what she had done to the shoe. Just returned them with a thank you note. I was going to wear them for my birthday when I noticed and now I don't have time to do anything. :cursing:
  5. That's terrible!! I took mine in on Wednesday and they told me I could pick them up Saturday but it was a pretty major repair according to them. It does take a few days. Some places might be faster tho?!? Good luck! And happy Birthday! :yes:
  6. I'm sorry to hear that. Pasquales is highly recommended.

    PASQUALES Shoe Repair
    San Vincente & Hauser
    5616 San Vicente Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90019
  7. Baglover! You are a Goddess!! The place is even walking distance from my home!!!! You have just made my day that started badly this morning. Thanks so much!!:yahoo: