Help my friend pick a bag out!

  1. HI!

    This is one of my best friend's first designer bag!:yahoo: (she has a coach mini skinny that I gave her for her Birthday)

    She is tall (5 ft 2-3''); brown eyes, brown hair (always pulls it back into a ponytail); sporty, but still girly, caucasian;

    her budget is 180-300....what are some bags that will fit her nicley?

  2. How old is she? That would help me find something suitable!
  3. 12...
  4. anybody? my friend is waiting for me to im her back with some ideas..
  5. hum de dum.... maybe a juicy?
  6. Woohoo. Now you've got quite a few suggestions! =)
  7. her favorite color is blue
  8. i might even get the burberry bag for :graucho:
  9. Maybe any juicy or burberry bag?
  10. Juicy would be great or maybe a LV mono pochette.
  11. I think a Fendi Baguette or a marc by marc satchel would be classier than an coach or dooney or juicy.