Help my friend find ...

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  1. A red leather shoulder bag.

    Her designer bag of choice is LV, but the red bag does not have to be LV or or high status.

    It does have to be red leather, medium to large, slightly unstructured to slouchy, and absolutely no bells or whistles: no decorative hardware, no tassles or fringe, no charms, no buckles or outer pockets, etc. Ie. nothing which borders on trendy.

    Price range: say ... $700 and under.

    It's quite a challenge. I've been helping her look but haven't found that perfect bag so far. (She did find a Longchamps, but it is sold out.)

    Any thoughts from the PF?
  2. Could you post a pic of the Longchamp, if available? Thanks. :biggrin:
  3. Hmm- I'd say check out epi but of course virtually nothing is under $700- but he Mandara matches the description, albeit at $1,230

    I'm not being very helpful am I!
  4. Oooh...I'm liking the Heather Hawkins and the Mandara! :yes:

    I'll see her on Tuesday, and will get the website link to the Longchamp bag and will post it.

    Keep 'em coming!
  5. Well, I couldn't lift the picture off the Longchamp site. If you go to

    And view Womens Collections, it is on the fifth page:

    Tote Bag
    Line: Veau Foulonne
    Ref: 2239

    A word of caution - the site can be very slow to load!

    Ooh, and it does have a pocket (I didn't think she was in to pockets...). I don't think that is a requirement...
  6. A good quality medium to large leather bag for $700 is pretty hard to find. This Gucci bag costs $1,050 but it really is gorgeous. Maybe she can save a little longer.
  7. had a great Gucci bit bag in red leather. It was plain without the embossed G's. Kat shows it in her reply. It was in the 800 dollar range there. ;)
  8. Red is a tougher color to find, but there are a lot of great bags out there in the $200 range. I'd put my Sigrid Olsen up against almost any brand. The leather's that good, and the full retail price was $148 (I paid $74).

  9. Hi there, Passerby.

    Not yet! I showed her all the pics posted here, and and we've looked at a few more online, but the hunt for that "perfect" bag is still on.

    We're out here on the Left Coast, but I'll be sure and show her your post (and check out the site myself - I love handmade bags!).

    Thanks again!
  10. edit: It's on sale at website for $629
  11. Fryedaze, has your friend found her bag?

    What about Texier bags? They don't seem to be mentioned here, they look nice, IMHO.

    This bag has got an outside pocket and probably isn't unstructured enough but what do you think about it?

    What do you think of the bags on the Texier France site?