HELP my flat iron BROKE! Need advice to get a new one!

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  1. I had been using an awesome ceramic flat iron with nano technology. It was completely digital and heated up to 450 degrees. It was a great iron. I have really long black hair and this iron straightened it so nicely.

    It accidentally fell pretty hard onto my tile floor. Part of the sides cracked and it hasn't been heating up as well since then.

    So I am in the market for a new flat iron.

    Which one should I buy?

    I know a lot of people are fans of Chi, but I hear they do not get as hot as the one I had. I heard the T3 irons are great, but I really do not want to pay $200 for one.

    Which ones do you use and how do you like it? Do you know where I could buy a great flat iron at a good price?

    I am so confused! Which flat iron should I buy?!?!? :confused1: I guess I could repurchase the one I had, but I would really like to try a new brand.

    TIA for the help! :yes:
  2. GHD is fantastic.
  3. ^ 2nd on the GHD, it's fantastic! The best iron I've ever used! But, if you're looking for a cheap iron that does a decent job, try Sally's. I bought a Helen of Troy ceramic flat iron for $49, and it really does a nice job. I keep it as my back up iron. It has floating plates, adjustable heat, and I believe it gets as hot as the iron you had.
  4. I agree with Melissa about the Helen of Troy. Had one when I lived in the US and it was fab!
  5. i think you can get a T3 for around $100 (maybe even less on Ebay). they're worth it, in my experience. i have the medium duality flat iron and it's the best i've ever used.
  6. I am a 3rd on the GHD. I love mine, and can't ever imagine going back to my CHI from it.
  7. which flat iron was the one that you broke?
  8. Oh I have never heard of GHD. How much is it and where do I buy it?
  9. I got mine from the GHD website, but I know you can also buy them on Sephora. Mine retailed for $240, but I know that if you order it from Sephora, you can use codes and coupons on it, so you might be able to get it cheaper.
  10. Aww man I think GHD is too much for my student budget. I was hoping to only spend around $100.

    Any other brands other than Chi that are in that price range?
  11. FHI is a good ceramic iron. It's better than CHI. It's about 100.
  12. I have a HAI one that I got from which I got for under $100.
  13. I also have a Hai flat iron and I love it. I paid about $70 on
  14. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I still have no idea what to get. I really want to try GHD, hopefully I can find it on sale or something some where.
  15. If you do a search on the forum you will find many threads about flat irons...that may help. If a mod sees this thread they will probably close it down due to many threads that talk about flat irons out there. :smile: