Help! My first pair...

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  1. Hello ladies! I am new to this side of the forum and would love your ladies advice! I am purchasing my first pair of cls and need your help. I want something basic and something that can be both for work and play. I have been looking at the simples in black but not sure of heel height. How do these fit and do you think I should go with black or nude or patent or regular leather! I am a size 8.5/9 so i would need your advice because i would need to order them online. Also I was looking at net a porter? Any other places you recommend i look? Thanks so much :flowers:
  2. I love the Simples! I have the Black Patent Simple 100 and it's just the perfect shoe for every occasion. But there are a lot of classic CLs you can wear at the office and in your free time, like the Pigalle.
    I always buy pumps that are at least 100 mm high, but if you want to walk around at your office all day long, i would probably buy the one with a lower heel.

    There are plenty of CL online retailers:



    Just to name a few... ;)

    For the sizing please use the sizing thread:
  3. Great thanks so much ladies. Do you think I should go for the black or the nude color?