Help My first Hermes?? I like the 2 IN 1

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  1. Okay I live in Arkansas where you don't just go down to the mall & pick up your next Hermes. So, I have searched the threads & couldn't find the answer to my questions. I like the 2 in 1 herbag. I like the idea of being able to use it as a back pack or handbag. Plus, being able to change the canvas is awesome:yahoo:

    Is this bag practical? Is it a pain in the butt to keep it closed? Is the leather as finicky as the LV Monogram bags? Since, I can't actually see one until I buy it makes me unsure of the purchase. I am also on a quest for an epi speedy too. Which, that's another forum:graucho: If any one has any input on my first Hermes, I would greatly appreciate it. :hugs:
  2. The Herbag that can be used as a backpack is not, I don't think, being made any longer though they do come up with some frequency on Ebay. But I don't think you can buy them in stores.

    I had the new Herbag and yes, it can be somewhat fussy to open and close, though that one has a zipped compartment on the back that is really handy. No back pack option, though, and no second bag to swap out, the way the original Herbag has.
  3. I have one first edition herbag, like it do not love it ,I feel its little fussy and not exactly easy flow that is the shape is very rigid ,and the materials are very very tough even. but...... On the upside it's very Hermes in terms of looks after all it is rather obviously modeled after the kelly but if you can go for the one with the back zipper it makes a lot better.
  4. Thank you both You have helped a lot....I really liked the look, but I'll look for the new version :ty: