Help! My first Chanel - which one to choose?

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  1. I am looking for my first Chanel bag. I would like to get a bag that is relatively small, but still practical. Something that I could use at evening dates, but is casual enough to be used at daytime too. I would like to get a classic, timeless bag.

    Would the classic flap baguette be a good choice? Is the smallest size too small? What about the east/west flap bag? What is the price difference between these bags (in euros please)? And should I go for lambskin or caviar? Any other suggestions?

    Please help me! :smile:
  2. the east west is normally 1370 euro and I want to get one as well and its going to be my first chanel !!
  3. Hi Hindo!

    Is that the price for the small? And which material do you prefer?
  4. Have you looked at the WOCs? or perhaps the Mini Flap?
  5. Thanks for the suggestions :smile: How small is the woc? It looks very thin... I do like it very much though. I'm just worried whether it's practical enough :thinking:
  6. What are the prices for the WOCs? :smile:
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    Having personally just made this decision (I finally bought my first Chanel today, after agonizing & lurking on this forum for ages!), let me chime in here. I went for the Jumbo black caviar classic flap with silver HW. Three things I knew from the start: black because it would be my first Chanel bag and I want it to be uber classic and "go" with everything; caviar because it's indestructible; silver because that's what I like (and I think that's a very personal decision). The size was what I agonized the longest over, and in the end it took a trip to Saks to make the final decision.

    Here's how I narrowed it down in the end, and was in and out of the boutique in 15 minutes, in time to beat rush hour traffic:

    IMHO the mini (2200 USD) is too small for regular daytime use - and for some reason, the chain is just short enough that when you try to wear it as a crossbody, it ends up on a strange part of your body (think sideboobyish).

    If I were 25 instead of 35, I would've gone for the large (or m/l) as people call it (3400 USD). It's definitely the one to take from day to evening, and is reasonably large enough to hold everything for one reasonable adult female. Actually I guess it's not an age thing - its +kids or nokids that would make the difference for me here, ie., are there little ones that you have to carry extra stuff for? I cringed at the thought of having to tote around an additional bag in addition to my lovely new Chanel to carry all the other stuff my kids would need.

    The Maxi (3700 USD) would have been so practical, but I think there your frame size and your style gives the yea or nay - I think it looks great with casual looks, but I thought it would be overwhelming with anything with trim lines, like a sheath dress. I'm also just 5'3" so the Maxi kind of looked book-baggish on me. That said, I do have a friend who is even more petite, and she can pull off the Maxi - mostly because she always wears big bags in the first place, and she tends to layer her clothes - which somehow balances the size out a bit better. I live in a year-round hot climate, so that wasn't going to be an option for me.

    So, in the end, for me it was the Jumbo (3500 USD) - just big enough to throw in a nappy and wipes for the baby, and/or all the usual stuff I tote around to keep my 4 yo entertained.

    If you have a chance at all, definitely try on the different sizes before you buy. I was 100% up in the air about the sizes when I walked in the store today, but it all kind of crystallized for me very quickly - something that looking at photos of other people with their bags and reading other people's advice did not do (though that did help a lot, hence my post here). Hope this helps at least a smidge.

    ps. I was also considering the WOC, but they only had it in two colors of patent and the red caviar (no quilting) at the store, so I passed it up for now.

    pps. I know you said Euros, but the prices will be different in different countries anyway (there is a global prices post somewhere among the stickies), these were the U.S. prices as of today, at the Saks 5th Ave in Chevy Chase MD.
  8. For day and night, I'd go for the m/l!
  9. i have and love the m/l classic flap black cav w/ silver hw. i debated about the sizes too (m/l vs jumbo) but the size is perfect for day and night
  10. Thank you so much for your suggestions, opinions and experiences :smile: I would like it to be more of an evening bag. Even though many of you say the m/l is the best choice, I'm still considering the small east west. Do you think the small e/w is too small? Is it much smaller than the m/l?

    I don't have the opportunity to visit a store, so your opinions and advice are very important to me :smile: ;)
  11. No, it's not much smaller than the M/L and I would say it's a great evening bag. If that is the one you want, Go for it!
  12. I personally vote for the M/L however the e/w is also a great choice. If that's what you're leaning towards, then go for it!
  13. For you I would pick M/L. Sound like that suits you good. Oh, and def Caviar. So now the rest its up to you gold or silver. Pick the one that you want the most, going to the store and getting advice from SA + trying them on. Helps a lot! The 2.55 M/L cost 2550 Euros (was at Chanel yesterday in Cannes, France)

  14. :yes::yes::yes::yes:
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    this is the price for east/west according to the purse forum.
    For me it will be caviar or lambskine didn't make up my mind yet I'm planning to buy it by the end of october from paris (I will try and see)...

    like you I want an evening bag that I can sometimes hold during the day also and I saw many pictures and find east/west absolutly fabulous.

    My choice is also about the price which is like a little more than 1000 euro less than the m/l ...

    I'm 24 if that can help :smile: