HELP - My first CHANEL Flap -- Not sure if I like it!

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  1. Hi everyone! I need help.

    I've been dying for a black lambskin Chanel flap bag forever. All the Chanel stores have been sold out, so I've never actually seen one in person -- only fakes or other colors. I finally found one at SAKS and bought it, but I keep having this nagging feeling that it's just not what I thought it would be. Maybe I've seen really good fakes (I live in NYC) but this bag just doesn't feel like a $3,000 bag. I could just be paranoid about spending so much money, but I thought Chanel lambskin would SO buttery, but while the outside itself feels smooth and soft, the bag's construction overall is kind of stiff (maybe it softens over time?), and the inside leather lining is burgundy -- blech!

    Has anyone else every had this reaction? I am 99% sure it's not a fake as SAKS is obviously a reputable store and I checked it against all the signs of fakes on the internet. Maybe it's the silver hardware? Maybe it would seem more special in gold? No clue but any opinions or help would be appreciated!
  2. Sorry to hear that your first Chanel was a bit of a disappointment.
    Maybe the flap just wasn't for you. There are plenty of other 'softer' Chanel bags if you like the less structured look.

    I personally love the burgundy insides and silver hardware, but gold might be the way for you.

    If you're not happy with it, take it back and keep trying other styles. It will just keep nagging at you otherwise
  3. black goes good with ghw.
    try that to see how you like it first.
  4. I think this style is just not for you. Take it back and look at the other bags, there will certainly be one that appeals to you.
  5. Definitely try other Chanel bags. I think this flap is not a right one for you. Good luck~ :biggrin:
  6. You should definitely feel true love when you buy a $3000 bag! The lambskin seems buttery soft to me, but if you aren't happy with it, return it and wait for the bag that makes your heart sing! My first Chanel (just a few months ago) was the Gold arabesque flap from the Paris/Moscou collection, and it is so beautiful that I can't stand it! Maybe you could go for a very special color, or the valentine bag, or something like that for you to always remember your first Chanel. :biggrin:
    I am a gold hardware lover, so I think you should look at those too. Good luck finding just the right bag!
  7. Hi mgmeredith! Return the flap. You have too many doubts. You won't be happy with it even if you keep it. Might as well keep looking and buy a bag that you will love.

    Sometimes we want something for a long time, and when we actually get it, we don't love it like we thought we would. For example, I really wanted a tote, and I tried on the different styles ... and finally, by accident, I tried on a maxi caviar flap, and I really loved it. But it sure wasn't a tote.

    So keep looking until you do find a style you love. Do not keep a bag just because you loved the idea of it. And have fun searching for the next Chanel bag!
  8. mgmeredith ~ I agree with the other posters that you should return the bag. Too many doubts that will come back to haunt you later... Not worth paying $3000 for! If it's any comfort, the black flap is part of the permanent collection and will always be available for purchase in the future if you change your mind; and we just had a price increase recently so the price of the black flap will most likely remain the same for the next few months (and this is an extremely conservative estimate). So my suggestion is to return it and look for other styles which may be more appealing to you. Lambskin is buttery soft to me but not as soft as other leathers I have seen -- still, I love the black lambskin flap (especially with gold hardware) because it screams Classic Chanel to me.
  9. Definitely get something else if you're not satisfied. Flaps are really structured (when someone says structured that's what I picture in my head! lol) so stay away from that if you like smooshy/easier bags, Chanel has a lot of different ones
  10. Yup..definitely happens to me! To be honest.. when I got my first Chanel I felt like that too, like 'this is it'?. Too many preconceived notions from looking at pictures online, etc - I'd built it up too much. Then I found ones I loved :biggrin:
  11. I agree :smile:

  12. Then the flap is definitely not for you. You can't and shouldn't force yourself to love something. Check out other Chanel bags, you may find one that you truly love!
  13. for $3000, you should be head over heels in love!

    exchange it
  14. Thanks so much for the great advice! I'm going to give it a few days, maybe try one on with the gold hardware, and look at some other styles if I'm not into it by then. Thanks all!!
  15. if you are not LOVING it then take it back... too much to spend on a bag that you do not love