HELP! My first balenciaga bat, suggest?

  1. Dear all,

    I am new here! After looking through some of your threads, I started to get interested to buy a balenciaga bag. :nuts:

    I am at my early 30s and am a working woman. But, believe me, I look not mature at all. Could you please kindly suggest which one should be my first Balenciaga bag? And the corresponding retails, please!!!

    Thanks for your expert opinion! :drinkup:

  2. I am early 30's and a mum. The Work style is fabulous for me...If you want a shoulder strap, go for a City. If you want something smaller, go for a Brief or maybe a Twiggy. 07 Marine is stunning, also have a look at 07 Anthracite. Keep it simple with regular brass hardware. Don't go black...I know it's classic, but it's a bit boring :smile: That's just my opinion though
  3. u can check our wearing balenciaga thread and this :
    for size references!

    g luck :yes: