help! my first B-bag!

  1. Finally, I fall in b-bag although I am still a chole fan... I wanna buy a red color one but can not deside between tomoto or vermillion. Which color is better? I haven't seen a tomoto color bag. which one is more bright? Thank You All B-girls! :rolleyes:
  2. I want a B-bag too. I don't have one. I am sure anything you will pick will be amazing.
  3. Well, I have the Tomato, and it's more like a bright fire engine red.

    I love Chloe too!!!!
  4. i have a rouge VIF... you should try that too. you can never go wrong with a HOT red bag.
    VIF first.jpg
  5. You have so many red options with Balenciaga! I guess the first thing you'll want to determine is if you want a "warm" or "cool" based red. Being a Chloe fan, examples of "warm" colors would be whiskey or Chocolate. Cool tones with be tan or mousse.

    And remember there are varying shades of red as well in Balenciaga. You have bright vibrant reds such as verm (warm), tomato (warm), Rouge VIF (cool), Rouge Theatre (warm), Grenat (cool, IMO), Bordeaux, etc...and that's not including back years of 03, 04. etc!

    Have you checked out the reference thread? There are lots of photos there for you to review. There was a link here that a fellow PF'er posted of tomato and verm side by side. I think they are very similar.
  6. :tup:Thank you so much! You girls are really sweet! I am just not sure about tomoto. Somebody told me it's really pretty. But I don't know the difference between tomoto and vermillion. Got confused...:confused1:
  7. What a wonderful color! it's sad the store doesn't have that rouge vif. yes, I like warm colors! I have a whiskey edith bag and I love it so much!!! Acutually, I am a little bit disappointed when i saw ocean city. It's a little bit dark than I expect. I want a blue bag too, but couldn't find a bright blue this year...
  8. Oh, I love a red bag! You can wear it year round. The Tomato is yummy...I didn't realise how bbags kept their value!
  9. Oh, my god, thank you for the amazing post. now I found I love them all.
  10. I love the REDS! I have the granat...great serious color. I'll awaiting a rouge VIF courier (darker of the recent reds). I'm getting in a coin in tomato...hoping for a larger piece in this color. I've seen some awesome pictures of it...and the leather is yummy this season. Verm. for me is a bit too orangy and bright. Andy_Sach has a thread comparing the three brighter reds...great thread! Good Luck...can't go wrong with this lucky color.
  11. I vote TOMATO. It is stunning in the very juicy!