Help!!! My Fendi is ruined!

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  1. Hi all... I'm in desperate need of help.

    A little over a year ago I got home from a 4 month hiatus in Italy. When I returned my mom had pulled out her vintage (20yrs+) LV speedy and I was drooooooling. I begged her to let me borrow it and she did- in return for my gorgy Fendi. I agreed instantly.

    When I saw her next, around christmas time, I saw my Fendi was looking a bit more worn than I remembered. I told her to take better care of it, but wasn't ready to let go of the speedy just yet.

    For my graduation in May she brought the Fendi and it looked dead. The leather strap was in 2 pieces! The leather buckle had scratches and looked like it had been in the washing machine. The Worst part was that some of the material was ripped... There are about 5 or 6 small rips in the material. My mom is a wear and tear type of girl but I thought she would take it easy on my bag.

    Is all hope lost? Is there anywhere I could take my beloved bag to get repaired?
  2. couldn't you contact fendi and have them arrange for the bag to be repaired?
  3. Yikes, I'm sort of surprised your mother did that to your bag considering she managed to keep a vintage LV in good condition. Take your bag to the store you bought it from and maybe they can recommend someone who can repair it.
  4. Aww nooo...sorry to hear about your Fendi. :sad: What style is it? Try They do some restorative and cleaning services... Good luck, luv!
  5. She barely wore the LV... she's into more practical bags and to her the LV is anything but practical. She's abusing a Gucci Hobo as we speak... I thought about contacting Fendi but wanted to see if anyone had a fendi that was in dire need of repair and what they did for it.

    Thanks for the responses! Im in such a crappy mood now!
  6. Honestly I don't know the style. It was sort of a hand me down. My aunt got it around 5 yrs ago and gave it to me about 3 yrs ago. She's a bag fanatic. Is there anywhere I could go to find out what type it is?
  7. What a bummer! My mom is a bag abuser too. It's painful to watch. My recommendation: I would definitely contact Fendi. The downside is that typically, they ask for proof of purchases, etc.. if that's not your normal store. When did you buy the bag? What type of bag specifically is it? Do you have pictures of the damage?

    Artbags is pretty good with repair, so is Lovinmybags. All in all though, I'd still always recommend a boutique.

    EDIT: To find out what kind, post a picture, that's always the easiest.
  8. I believe my aunt bought it at Neiman Marcus. I doubt she would have the recipt tho... but I'll def. ask.
  9. Generally if there are tears in the fabric that cannot be repaired - at least for most manufacturers, I don't know about Fendi in particular. I am so sorry about your bag, though! I guess you shouldn't be loaning any bags to your mom anymore! If I'd done that to someone's bag, I'd have offered to replace it or repair it, at least!
  10. Gotta luv family. :rolleyes: My sisters don't take good care of their bags and they always want to touch mine. I tell them to wash their hands before touching mine so they won't spot them!
  11. I'd tell your mom that since she ruined your bag, you're going to keep her LV. That, or get her to repair it to the same condition you had it or replace it. It's the least she can do.

  12. ^^^^^^^
    great solution, IMO!!
  13. moving to Fendi Forum . . .
  14. ^^^that's a good idea.
  15. Or if I were you,I would tell my mom to buy me a new one or ask her to give the LV speedy...???