Help! My Fendi Devil (Diavolo) strap broke!

  1. I am so sad....I :heart: this bag so much. It's a black leather devil (diavolo). I was getting ready to go out tonight, and one of the studs holding the straps just busted apart!:crybaby:Fortunately, I did not lose any of the pieces. I have sent MJ bags out to be repaired before, but I have never sent a fendi. Is it too old of a bag to have fendi repair it? Thanks for all your help.
    PS-- I ran back in and grabbed another fendi. :smile:
  2. If you bought it from Fendi, and they have records of it, they can repair it.

    Usually a holding rivet is an easy repair, only takes a few minutes. My purse repair lady can do it quickly & cheaply, but she does not have Fendi parts.
  3. Oh no! :wtf:So if I bought it from Neiman Marcus, then they won't repair it at all? That makes me so sad.
  4. Oh! Then you take it to NM I believe & they will get it repaired with Fendi parts....:tup:
  5. Im sorry to hear it broke :sad:

    Does this happen often with Spy's? I was thinking of purchasing one from Jomas shop and am concerned what I'll do if it breaks.
  6. I don't think she is talking about a spy. I've never heard of a spy's handle falling apart.
  7. Fendi won't repair it it if was purchased from Neimans, but neiman marcus should repair it. Hopefully you still have the receipt, but they should repair it for you! And that is a great bag by the way!!!!