Help my face...please?

  1. I just recently turned 25 and I think my face is suffering from my Quarter Life Crisis as well. My face seems to be going through a second puberty stage or something...none of the products I used before seem to be working.

    Can you girls please suggest any good line of skin care products?

    Lately my face gets oily really fast in the Tzone area, I don't have acne but I will get an occasional pimple here and there. And how can you minimize pores on the nose and blackheads?? :hysteric:

    I feel so LOST:shrugs: ...

    I think I need a NEW everything..from face wash,toner, moisturizer...etc. What are the necessary steps for proper skin care? What are your morning and night skin care rituals?

    Oh yea...should I start using wrinkle and eye creams?? Since I've reached THAT AGE?

    --I'm a 25 year old...rediscovering my FACE! hahaha--
  2. At 25 you don´t need any anti wrinkle cream, it´s just too early.
    I am 28 and dermatologists and SA at Sephora keep saying "no" to my begging of anti wrinkles creams.
    You just need to moisturize.

    The routine to follow is : wash, toner, moisturize
    1 (or 2 depends of your skin) X week : scrub and mask

    You should ask to a "beauty technician" or Dermatologist to advise you on what products are best for you.
    The only thing with people at Sephora or other beauty shop is that you end up buying super expensive brands.
    Whereas if you ask to a dermatologist or pharmacist, you´ll get brands like Roc, Avene, Vichy, La Roche Posay (all from thermal water) they are just as good and have excellent lines for a lot less money. (ok packaging is boring !)
    I have tried all sorts of brands and I often come back to my pharmacy/drugstore. (especially bc my skin is sensitive)

    When you pick a moisturizer, get one with SPF. And get an eye cream as well, as the skin around eyes is super delicate.
  3. I love Paula Begouns products
  4. I wouldn't use any wrinkle eye cream at your age unless you are actually showing signs of wrinkles. You should try a moisture eye cream to prevent wrinkles.

    Don't forget about SPF. The sun is the biggest cause of wrinkles and sun spots. Use it every day even if you are indoor take a break from it when you are sleeping.
  5. Just because you're no longer a teenager does not mean you will stop breaking out/having acne. That is a myth, particularly with women since our hormones are always fluctuating and are often the cause of breakouts.

    I am 33 and I still break out sometimes, but fortunately I have it under control (I use a prescription topical at night, and the La Prairie skincare line, and my formerly oily skin has become incredibly clear and smooth).

    See a dermatologist.
  6. I am 28 and have just really started breaking out in the last year also (after I had my daughter) It's been driving me nuts. I tried Chanel and it didn't work at all. I feel like a teenager now:sad: so I know how you feel.