Help! My eyebrows grow very quickly...

  1. My eyebrows used to be hideous (think Bert or whatever his name was from Sesame Street minus the unibrow part) and so I began plucking them. I was fine with getting up 15 minutes early each day to have nice eyebrows but they grow quickly. They are perfect in the morning but in the evening some of the hairs start to grow back. I have to pluck every morning or else my eyebrows look disgusting while my friends have to pluck every other day. Is there any way to slow down the hair growth? (Besides laser!) Some sort of cream or something?
  2. VANIQA is a prescription cream that helps slow hair growth.
  3. Have you ever tried threading?? I have thick bushy eyebrows, and threading lasts about two weeks for me. I have perfectly arched and groomed brows for 2 weeks!

    Sorry I don't know of any creams.
  4. Ive heard of threading but Im not sure I know what it is. Sounds painful!
  5. Threading is a technique in which the aesthetician lifts up the hairs by wrapping thread around them and pulling. I was worried that it would hurt too, but it's not much more than a little pinch. Have you tried getting them waxed?
  6. Waxing will usually give you cleaner-looking brows for a longer time.
  7. another vote for eyebrow threading. it's so much more precise than waxing i think. plus, you can ask the threader to trim your eyebrows short with scissors after, which should help you out a bit.
  8. I feel your pain! I get my eyebrows waxed every week, but even that is not enough. By the following day I already have some minimal hair growth. I HATE IT!!! I just touch up in between with tweezers, because I don't know what else to do.
  9. The reason that the eyebrow hairs grow back quickly is due to the root still being underneath your skin. The root is white in colour and sometimes comes out with the hair during plucking. The best way to remove the root is via waxing I think.

    If you remove the root the hairs wil grow back at a much slower rate.
  10. I almost always remove the root when I pluck them. I would do touchups during the day but then my eyebrows would be irritated for 30 minutes. I think I will try threading because Ive waxed my legs before and it hurt!
  11. yes you need to thread or wax, makes eyebrows (and hair in general) grow back finer and slower
  12. I have my eyebrows threaded (I'm just like you- my eyebrow hairs grow back pretty fast). I've tried waxing before but I find that threading pulls the root out better and so my eyebrows stay groomed longer (if I do a bit of clean up myself, I only need to go for threading every 2-3 weeks; if I get waxed, I need to go every 1-2 weeks). The good thing about threading is that you don't get ingrown hairs and since the technician uses thread, there's no risk of an allergic reaction unlike with wax.
  13. I was also going to mention threading. I used to pluck my brows daily too. I've been going to threading for about a year now and brows grow back a lot slower. In fact I haven't been in a couple of mos. I plan to go this weekend. Don't get me wrong they definately need it but in areas between brow theres nothing there. It takes less than 5 mins. for under $20 bucks, defintely worth it! One time while getting nails done I was talked into waxing and it did not look as good as when threaded. Plus I also get any hair off face threaded at the same time.
  14. I highly recommend threading. It is more precise and the hair does grow back slower. A couple of years ago, I use to have these little fine baby hairs on my forehead and now it's all gone!!! Waxing gives me whiteheads sometimes, you should definately give threading a try!
  15. Im definitely trying threading after reading all of these posts. :smile: Oooh! Its not only for eyebrows? I have a slightly hairy upper lip that I bleach every 4 weeks. Would threading work on that also?