Help, my eyebrows are GONE!

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  1. I recently posted a picture of myself in "Look what I did to my hair" where I commented that I would be getting my eyebrowns done soon.

    Well, I got them done. AND THEY ARE HALF GONE. I'm away at school and could just not bare to have them undone for another week so I went to a random salon to have them waxed.

    I sit down, the woman asks me what I'd like to do today and I tell her that I just need a clean up.

    After leaving (without getting a good look, not that I would have done anything on the spot anyway), My eyebrows are gone! They are simply pencil lines (to me that is what they seem like because natually i have thick brows).

    So :
    My eyebrows are razor thin
    They are uneven
    She waxed a piece of skin off of my nose (there is a dent and scab now)
    There in an infected ingrown hair (which has caused my eye to be super swollen and puffy)
    She didn't even wax down the middle, instead she cut off maybe 1/4" off the beginning of my brows (near my nose)

    I don't even feel like myself. I don't know if there's anything I can do. I mean I know there isn't anything they can do to put my eyebrows back, but do you think they would refund my money?

  2. i have had this happen before.... it is not fun the woman didnt make my eyebrow thin, she literally waxed off half of one eyebrow (it came to the middle of my eye, it was awful) there was another time that a piece of skin was ripped off. it was a few days before "that time of the month", and they basically told me you are supposed to get waxed then because your skin is really sensitive. I would suggest for the scab-- aloe, i know it sounds funny, but aloe that you would use if you got a really bad sunburn. it will reduce the red and inflammation. I would suggest a- not putting makeup near anything because you dont want to cause additional infection. All i could do was literally wait and pray they would grow back. i've never used this, but ive heard great things about her stuff in general. maybe this gel combined with a filler will help...
  3. Thank you heat for the suggestion. I may head to the mall and check it out tonight.

    Did you ask for a refund when they ripped half of your brow off?
  4. no i was 15 and i was so embarrased i ran out of there crying. Now (im 25) I absolutely would have, but i would have done so right there. I am not sure what kind of BS they will give you if you go back. How can you prove they are the ones that did that bla bla. I know this may sound horrific, but would you post a pic, maybe it is not as bad as you may think....
  5. Lol.
    I will most def. post a pic when I get home tonight (I'm at work).

    I still have the receipt and they should still have me in their computer as an appointment.
  6. ow! i'm so sorry, that sounds just awful. maybe you should try talking to the manager and see if they can remedy the situation?

    in the meantime, like heat suggested, try aloe on the irritated skin and maybe a tiny dab of tea tree oil on the inflamed ingrown hair. as for fillers, sephora is definitely a good place to go... and as for cheaper options, new york color makes a nice brow kit and the powder blends very well.
  7. Start taking biotin supplements really works and will help your hair grow.
  8. ^Where can I get biotin?

  9. Thank you. I will definitely call the manager. I have no idea what they will do/can do, if anything. But I am really unhappy with the look of my eyebrows.
  10. Bummer! I loved how your eyebrows looked before! Good thing they'll grow back! :P

  11. the least they can do is refund your money or give you a gift certificate (although I doubt you'd like to use their services again).

    as for biotin, most stores that carry vitamins will have it. you could try whole foods too.
  12. Ok I took pics with my phone. let me upload them...
    i admit they arent as bad as i make them sound, but they are SO different my natural eyebrows, so much thinner, and there are skin chunks MISSING!
  13. 1
  14. ok sorry about that:
    Before is where my brows obviously need some cleaning up

    Looking at the pics I took, I admit they don't look THAT bad, but she def. did more than I asked her too. They are uneven, more thin, start back further.. :tdown:

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  15. Ouch! Sounds painful... sorry to hear it! But a brow filler should work fine, I have naturally thin brows and by using a filler they look much thicker and lusher.