HELP my dog wont STOP! (long post)

  1. He keeps liking his paws! He sleeps with me in the bed and apparently he wakes up before me and starts liking his paws. Next thing I know there is a HUGE wet spot about the size of a slice of bread on my sheets. He licks my other dog on the ear and head non-stop. I don't think this is normal b/c liking takes up most of his day!!! One time I wanted to see just how bad it was. He started liking his paws again.. the the floor, and any thing around him... he did it for 28 miniutes straight! And he only stopped b/c someone was at the door!

    Does anyone know if this could be some sort of obsession. He'll lick ANYTHING! (Paws, his stuffed animal, my other dog, my hand).. does anyone else have this problem?? How do I help him???
  2. hmmm Maya will get in her licking moods, but its not that bad. Anytime I have watched Caesar he will, as they start to become obsessive, do the "shh" thing and then distract them. So maybe you could try to throw a ball, or play with him when he gets like that? give him a chewie? I'm not sure, but good luck!!
  3. At first I thought he might have allergies, but since he licks your dog and other things, now I'm not sure. Danica's suggestions sound good to me. Distracting him might do the trick. I doubt he has any serious medical issues associatiated with this behavior, but a trip to the vet might be helpful too.

  4. It could be allergies. In my baby's case it's behavioral. She'll lick her front paws for 15 minutes straight and leave a huge wet spot on the sheets! She is a rescue and had a lot of trauma in the past and has a lot of quirks and odd behaviors at times.

    ETA I would try to "sshhh" her like Cesar Milan but it never worked lol. I'd even try a gentle touch of the neck and she'd still lick away completely ignoring me. When she's in lick mode she can't be stopped.
  5. I think your pet is bored and has too much energy. Danica mentioned Cesar Milan, the Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan? He is a dog behavior specialist and he has a series in Discovery channel. If you have not watched any of his shows, you can buy a DVD. He also has a book.
  6. My Molly (my baby cat) did that last year, she licked and licked until she drew blood. Took her to the vet and she had allergies from her FOOD. Once we changed cat food she never did it again.
  7. Some dogs really enjoy "grooming" each other, and well, whatever else!

    Sometimes I think the licking can be a bit of an obsessive behaviour as well. One of my rescue dogs did a lot of licking when I first brought her home, and I think it was a comforting thing for her, as she had been through a lot! She used to lick blankets, sheets, whatever! She did this until there was a large, soggy spot--kind of like what your dog does. She has gotten over it, though!

    How long have you had this dog? Is this licking a new thing?
  8. I've heard that excessive licking is similar to a obsessive-compulsive behavior in humans. I'd bring it up with the vet. It may be a way to relieve anxiety for your dog. It can lead to problems--licking so much the fur rubs off, irritating the skin, etc. Best wishes in finding a solution.
  9. my Evelyn does that sometimes, she'll get so obsessed she'll lick right down to the skin. Its a nervous habbit, we notice it especially when she gets stressed, like when we lost Dustin. We found that Bitter Apple spray helps to deter this, I'd give it a try for your pup.
  10. i dont think there is anything that u hv to worry about, but if you are worried that it could be an allergy, maybe u can call up ur vet and consult the professional... dont worry!! good luck wiv ur dog!!
  11. I would just take him to the vet to make sure everything is okay and that it isn't allergies. But my dog licks his paws to, not as much as yours though. But he does love licking my fiances bald spot. I'm not kidding, he started licking, and I was laughing and I thought he would stop soon. Then I noticed he was just going at it. I had enough time to get the digital camera, take it out of its bag, turn it on, aim, and record two clippings of it.
  12. he's been doing it for about 3 years now when he started ganing a lot of weight!!!
  13. now that you mention it, he DOES have a lot of anxiety!! When we come home from work he gets so exceited that it's hard for him to breathe and he starts making a weird sound i his throat like he's struggling to breathe and if he's bad and gets fussed at he does the same!!! poor baby!
  14. I watched an animal program about this sort of behavior. A giraffe mother did this to her giraffe daughter and the daughter ended up getting a bad ear infection and this caused her to die. I would go to the vets asap as such a silly little thing like this could harm your dog!
  15. My dog sometimes gets into this licking fest too. She will be sitting next to me on the sofa,and start licking my thigh! Or the arm rest, or her toys. It's funny, and I have to tell her to stop especially when she starts licking me out of the blue, it tickles! She licks her paws too sometimes, and we just tell her to stop. It isn't too bad. If it gets worst with yours, ask the vet.