HELP! my dog is losing WAY to much hair!

  1. <-- My five year old Panda (jack russell X pom) is shorted haired and I know hair loss on shorted haired dogs are normal, but lately he is losing way more hair than usual, it is so bad that a day after the cleaners come through (i have dark wooden floors) there is already hair everywhere! i tried a different brand of food for him but it hasn't made a difference, if not, worse. I don't know what i should do. My mum is suggesting changing the the shampoo as well? or maybe wash him more regularly? (i currently wash him once a week)~
  2. Maybe he needs more nutrients of some sort? Have you asked your vet about it or called? I know when human hair falls out sometimes it is diet related. You maybe bathing him too much. I bathe my dog once every two weeks and it is fine. Too much can dry out their skin, which I guess could make them itchy and scratch and lead to hair loss. I'd really call the vet though if you are worried and the shedding has increased a lot.
  3. i have spoken to the vet about it and he seems to think Panda is perfectly healthy~ he doesn't recommend me to do anything differently~
    I was wondering if there is a solution to prevent or reduce hair loss?
  4. If the vet says he is good to go, I can't think of anything else, other than to try to bathe him less and switch to a mild(er) shampoo. I know eggs make dog coats very shiny and healthy- at least they do for mine and my parents' dogs. You could try to add a bit of those into his diet, maybe that would help? I'm really not sure, but I'm sorry he's having the problem...
  5. Bella started shedding like crazy a week ago. I think it is the heat.
  6. thanks for the tip~ i'll give it a try :tup:
  7. aaww~ ur Bella is gorgeous! i was thinking that too... hm~ i hope its only temporary

  8. Hello :smile:

    I have 3 cats and the furminator is fantastic for getting the undercoat. I bought mine at Petco.

    Good luck.
  9. I love the Furminator as well. It is well tolerated by both my dogs and can be used on the legs and tummy without hurting. After you wash the dog brushing out will take out a lot of loose fur as well.

    Most dog food is low in that one omega fatty acid. I dose my dogs with fish oil capsules which they eat like candy. There are commercial products for pets as well. I noticed my old dog shedding more seasonally after starting fish oil supplements.
  10. Could he have developed a food allergy?