Help!!!!!!! My diamond ring nicked the leather on my Spy!!

  1. Oh dear! :cursing: HELPPPPP. There is a tiny nick in the leather. it looks like the diamond ring nicked the leather and a tiny bit ( 1/2 little fingernail) of leather is torn out of the bag...still hanging on though.. must I get something to glue that bit back? :crybaby:
  2. Oh no what a shame!

    Whatever you do make sure that bit hangs on. Is there a Fendi store near you? You could maybe take it in there and see if they can fix it for you. If you cant then I would try to glue it down as the last thing you want is it coming off and leaving it visible

    Good luck - let us know how you get on
  3. Like what secret_shopaholic has suggested, it is best for you to head down to your nearest Fendi Store. It may most probably be glued back and it's better to do it now or it may tear further.
  4. My friends pointed me to a shop called ColourWash run a a nice Korean lady. They specialise in cleaning and restoring designer accessories. They mended the torn part . it's very very small but it was hanging on...and coloured it back. I could not find the teeny patch when I got it back. It as for SGD 15 and I paid another SGD 10 to get the whole bag waterproofed. She uses Tarago spray. It look better than before... what drama... My heart broke yest but now it's mended. ;)
  5. oh wow! They even waterproofed your bag... that sounds good.