Help! My daughter ruined my Coach purse!

  1. I hope that there is a magic solution to removing nail polish from my Coach bag! I carefully tried nail polish remover - but that didn't work. I am hoping someone can help me! My daughter poured the bottle on the inside pocket and also got some on the outer part! UGH!
  2. What kind of material is it?
  3. I'm sorry! I know that when people have gotten polish on jeans, they soaked the jeans in nail polish remover and in some cases it has been successful. Good luck!
  4. Maybe if you call Coach they can give you advise. I know you are crying! Good luck!
  5. For the lining you may try GooGone (don't apply it to leather yet!)
  6. What material is the lining and the outside?

    Is the outside leather or the signature canvas?
  7. Yikes! Depending on how much nail polish, it may well be ruined. If it is just a little bit on the outside, you can carefully try nail polish remover, keeping in mind that you risk taking the color right out of the fabric or leather as well as the polish.
  8. I'm not sure anything can remove nail polish exc remover and POSSIBLY plain acetone BUT that would very well ruin the bag. In either case, I'd say give it a try- the bag is ruined anyway, can you make it worse ?? Probably not- and you might just get the crud out. Nail polish is a terrible thing to have to get out.
  9. the inside pocket lining you should be able to get replaced by coach for a fee. The outside, I am not sure. I would call coach and see if sell a cleaner designed to be used on their bags.
  10. ^They do sell Coach cleaner for both leather and the signature material. However, I think it's meant for just taking out dirt and the like, not something that bonds like nail polish. =/
  11. I'd either call Coach or bring it to a store to see if they can help. I'm always shy about trying to do anything like that on my own. Good luck!
  12. I hope all is not lost....nail polish is brutal, though. I agree that, before I would try any type of home remedy, I would take it to a Coach store to see if they can help.
  13. I would take it to the store first and see what they could do. If they can't do anything then I'd try the suggestions here - what have you got to lose, right?
  14. As was suggested, Coach manufactures a leather cleanser and moisturizer, but they are only to be used on certain types of leather. lists which types of leather can be used with the cleanser and/or moisturizer. They have also recently started selling a cleanser for their canvas material which is incredible! It can make soiled fabric look like new. I honestly don't know whether any type of cleanser will remove the nail polish but I certainly hope you will be able to get it cleaned up without any damage to your bag. You also may want to take the bag into a Coach store - they might have information that could help you.

    Last night I was at a MAC cosmetics store and a saleslady accidentally got "pigment" shadow on my Large Signature Carly Cotton (blue denim colored) bag. Thank God it came out - between what was paid for the bag and matching shoes, I would have been heartbroken if it had been ruined.