Help!! my damier bag canvas peeling off

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  1. Hi guys, I realized today my two months old damier graphite canvas sac voyage pm
    has a small chip on the corner, or should I say more like the canvas peeled off a little
    I have other vuitton canvas bags and I never had this problem especially i only just bought this bag in mid January....I am not sure if i should take it back to the store...because be honest I haven't been babying this bag I use it as my everyday work bag...
    can you guys please look at the photos i have attached and give me some feed backs
    note this bag is made in Spain while my other bags are made in France does this make any difference in the quality? I am not sure what to do now :crybaby:

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  2. I am sorry to tell you that this is normal wear and tear on damier canvas. It rubs off slightly on corners. I have old and new pieces in damier and they all end up like that: a little bit rubbed off on corners. Since the bag is so new, you might get an exchange, but it will happen again with normal use.
  3. I can't see anything so it must be VERY small. This has nothing to do with LV quality, it looks like a used item.
  4. Did you nick it into something sharp? It looks like it's been chiseled off? 2 months old is NOT old. That would bother me too. But if it truly is an accident that happened I don't know what can be done..? Hm. Either way I'm sorry it happened to you!!! Wouldn't hurt to ask them to have a look at it for you. The thing is, you don't want it to tear more open now. That would be very very bad. So maybe they can varnish it or something?
  5. From what I can see it looks like normal wear and tear from use. The Damier line, whether it be graphite or ebene, is prone to having the print rub off over time but in this case it looks like it was bumped up against something. Unfortunately that's just the way the cookie crumbles sometimes and Murphy's Law states it will always happen to the expensive bags while the $20 ones could survive a zombie apocalypse...
    The country of origin should have no effect on quality as LVs procedures and quality control are identical across all workshops.
  6. Yes... its not the canvas being rubbed off but instead it's chiseled off like you mentioned- you can actually see the suede like material underneath... I understand damier print will be rubbed off from normal wear and tear... but this is the first time I am experiencing this with Vuitton canvas.
  7. Looks to me like it's bumped into something hard like a plaster wall, brick wall or floor could've been anything. The corners are always the first place to show any signs of wear and tear. :smile:
  8. #8 Mar 31, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2016
    Did you by any chance accidentally scrape it against a wall while carrying it? From your pics (it's really hard to tell since the damage is so small), it looks like that's what happened. Either way, since it's bothering you, take it to a store and see what they can do for you. Yes they might tell you it's normal wear and tear but it's worth a shot. And no, the country of origin has no bearing on quality. I have items from all 3 countries and they are all the same quality wise.
  9. seems like you accidentally hit it on something sharp and it has nicked the canvas! Best to leave it alone or apply some sort of glue that will seal it up. I am not sure what would be best of a glue, cuz I know super glue can damage plastic, and IDK if that would happen to the canvas. Maybe gorilla glue? GL
  10. Doesn't hurt to go down there. Just ask for a manager or floor manager or after sales or something:smile: I'm sure he/she will have some suggestions! Again, don't go to the SA's for stuff like this! :smile:
    Good luck Katya!!!:smile:
  11. I have nicks like that on mine, Normally I get it scuffed on glasses on the escalator :sad: now I'm wary where my bag hits as it swings on my arm or hands.
  12. If you use it as your everyday bag then that's totally normal wear and tear and would have happened sooner or later anyway. I personally wouldn't even notice something like that. :smile:
  13. LV would likely say it's wear & tear. Doesn't matter if it's 2 months or 2 years. They would say you might have hit or bumped on something hard and cause it.