HELP! My concern on Chevre Mangalore

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  1. #1 Jan 19, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2009
    Ladies, I did lots of research about Chevre before buying this bag. Many chevre owners here provide that Chevre is so durable and kinda water-resistant.

    Those info inspired me to get a bag in CHEVRE. On the day I purchased, there was Mangalore on shelve for me.

    Last week, I left my bag next to me and used the hair dryer to dry my wet hair. After that, I saw a water stain/mark on the bag. I suddenly made it dry as quick as I could but nothing happened. The mark is still there forever, just like before I wiped the water out (I mean the color). Then again today I happened to see big water stain on my bag cover after a hotel waitress pour pure ice water into my glass. I rushed to my local H to have them clean it but it didn't help. My SA tested dropping water on sample leather of Mangalore (same color) & dried it, the mark disappeared.

    HOW COULD IT HAPPEN TO MY BAG ONLY? Do you ladies have any advice for me, please? :sad:
  2. Can you provide a picture? It sounds like there was a good amount of water involved in your accident, vs. the water test from your SA. Also, did water get to the interior of the bag?
  3. Oh no .... my chevre mangalore HAC is quite water resistant I think. It's never been caught in the rain, but I have had water splashed from wash basins several times. Then again, I did wipe the water off fairly quickly too ...
  4. I'm afriad that I couldn't provide a picture as I left my bag at H so that they would consult back to Paris for hopes.

    No, water didn't get to the interior of the bag....interior is just fine only the front. My first time accident caused just a little point of mark like 3mm while Today's accident was pretty large about 1cm.

    I have another bag in VL but it's so easy...when it gets wet, the leather turns dark but all I have to do is just blow it dry and everything looks origin!!! How come this CHEVERE turns dark when getting wet & stays forever !?????:sad:
  5. hmmm, this is strange for sure! i have a chevre de coromandel HAC and got caught in an absolute downpour in San Francisco! it was spotted but i quickly (perhaps 5 minutes after it got soaked so it wasn't wet too long) took a hair dryer to it on a low heat setting and the water spots were gone....:wtf::wtf::wtf:
  6. I had a tiny drip, think a very thin tear drop of water drip from a bottle of fiji onto my quesche mangalore and I watched it occur, and I wiped it immediately with something absorbant but the skin seemed to soak it in immediantly. And now, I have a very tiny faint stain. :sad: It was a big surprise to me but the skin on my bag seems to be more matte than my chevre de commandel skins. It just feels soft. (I don't know how to explain better). The mark grew slightly fainter after 24 hours but it did not go away. I got lucky the 4" trail :cursing: is on the back and it shows up more in certain lighting, but I know it is there all the time.
  7. trishaluvslv, SA told me the same thing that you said...he said it's strange...he did successfully cleaned out coffee stain from Ostrich. He wonders about my case as it is really just a pure water, really & I wiped it out within less 5 minutes or in seconds for the first accident. He then advised me to consult with Country Manager for hopes. If they really send my bag to Paris, would the cost be borne by H or me?

    mrssparkles, could you tell me if you use anything to dry it after you wipe water out?
  8. oily, i have felt samples of mangalore and do find it softer than coromandel, almost less "finish" on the surface of the leather. i have a Karo GM in mysore, almost four years old and you cannot imagine what cosmetics have been spilled and dripped on her and everything comes clean with baby wipes or meltonin cleaner/conditioner. so i cannot help but think this is unique to mangalore and NOt to all chevre leathers. i would think that H would bear the costs to repair or replace a faulty bag. i am so very sorry for your troubles....
  9. No. Nothing at all. I think blow drying dries up the leather.
  10. I have only had MILK splash a few dots onto my bag. I just wipe, but never use a hair dryer. I don't think that's a great idea as MrsS prudently noted would prob dry out the bag. I hope they come back with better news on your mangalore.
  11. trishaluvslv, Thank you very much for your encouragement. I agree with you that it might be unique for Mangalore...Anyway, "shouldn't H keep the strength of its kind in its new generation?"...came to my head all the time. Mangalore is soft touch...I like it a lot in retourne kelly.

    Encore Hermes, I'm sorry for what happened to yr bags as well. My stains look deeper into leather skin....My bag is in Cardemon and the stain spot turned gray color. The stain does not faint, but the vein does instead :sad:
  12. oily mine's a coromandel not mangalore BUT I was warned that no hermes leathers are safe from water

    also no leather/skin is alike/uniform, it might be that yours happen to be the chevre that not less water-resistant than other similar mangalores.

    Let Hermes spa does its best to fix your problem
  13. I'm not sure that a water stain represents "faulty leather", though. Leather is a natural material. It's going to get dirty, stained, and dry out, unless proper care is taken. I'm with MrsS in terms of being very cautious about using a blow dryer on any leather, honestly. Dabbing with towelling or putting it somewhere where there is good air circulation (not forced heat) will probably work without damaging the leather...

    Good luck with the bag. I hope Hermes can help reduce the appearance of the water mark or eliminate it entirely...
  14. Thank you oily! I am sorry for what you are going through.

    I need to clarify, I do not think the leather on my bag is faulty, just 'the way this leather is'. The mark on my bag won't photograph, it is almost imperceptable. If I didn't point it out in certain lighting, you would not notice it.
    I too would not use artificial heat on any bag, even a heat lamp.
  15. Thank you Ken-doll & Mistikat for yr sharing. It's tough for such accidentally occurred situation....I baby my bag so much...I put my bag on the available chair next to me (wanted to cover her with a napkin but it's embarrasing to do so during a luncheon seminar) Nevertheless, the waitress poured water into my glass and then it just occurred. After that I moved my bag on my lap everytime the waiter or waitress took care of us :sad:

    I'm relying on H expertise now. I'm travelling to Australia for a week this Wednesday (to cheer ROGER :smile: ...will get back to you ladies when H contacts me back.
    Wish me a good luck, please!!