Help! My clothes smell like an ashtray! :(

  1. Last night i went to a party in a very poorly-ventilated basement to hear some bands play. When i say poorly-ventilated, i am not joking. When i got home and blew my nose, my snot was black (sorry for TMI, but it was ridiculous :shrugs:)

    So i figured i could just wash my scarf in the sink, and throw my black skinny pants and my shirt in the wash machine. However i have no clue what to do about my red wool peacoat and a vintage sweater i have which specifically says "Dry Clean Only, No Detergent."

    I am a poor college student and cannot afford dry cleaning. Also, it's unusually cold here in NOLA, and i would like to have use of my coat during the rest of Mardi Gras.
    Any cheap quick fixes? eHow says you can throw things in the dryer with some dryer sheets, but I'm a little hesitant.. I don't smoke, and smelling like an ashtray is pretty much unbearable.
    Thanks in advance for the help!!
  2. try febreze maybe
  3. Dryer sheets help too. In a confined place put the stinky clothes w/ a dryer sheet. It will help take some of the smell out.

    Febreeze is also a good idea.
  4. Airing the clothes out for a while will help, even better if done outside.
  5. ugh, I hate this. So much, in fact, that I have a "bar coat" from H&M that I wear out because I don't want any of my nice stuff to smell like smoke.

    I agree with the idea to air the stuff out outside in the fresh air, and I would give the dryer sheet thing a try too, but sadly you may end up having to pay for dry cleaning to completely remove the smell.
  6. Go to the nearest auto-supply store, such as Autozone. They carry a line of products to eliminate the smell of smoke from car interiors. I had the same problem, but with a fur, which holds that smell like your hair does. It worked for me. Good luck!!:idea: P.S. These come in a spray or a pump.
  7. See if you can find Dryel. It's a reusable kit that comes with a big heavy dryer bag and special wet-wipe things. You just throw the clothes and wet-wipe in the bag, zip it up, and put it in the dryer. The clothes won't shrink or get damaged and they come out smelling clean. There's probably printable coupons for it somewhere online-- I'll go check for you...
  8. If you go to you can get a $4 off coupon via email and you can print it out and use it at the store. They have it at Target, Walmart, Walgreens, grocery stores, etc. Good luck! :flowers:
  9. Thanks so much for the suggestions!
    Febreeze did not work at all (now it smells like a mixture of smoke and flowers..ugh). I'm going to try the other suggestions right away :yes:
  10. That's funny that Febreze didn't work for you?? I ALWAYS febreze my stuff when I come back from parties and it always helps.

    But definetely try the dryer sheets. Rub the dryer sheets all over the coat too :smile:
  11. Give the fabreeze time for it to work. It'll take a day or two for the smell to evaporate.
  12. Spray it with Febreze and then hang it out in a sunny spot for an hour or so. But make sure the sun hits the coat. Air+sun+Febreze = smell free.
  13. This sounds good, but i've never tried it.
    Airing it out, outside preferably and spraying it with Febreeze or something similar should do the trick.
  14. ^ I've been using it since it came out years ago. It doesn't work as well as actual drycleaning, but it works a lot better than Febreeze IMO. I've also never had any clothes get damaged from it!
  15. Thank goodness that smoking is outlawed in public places here now, I feel for you!