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  1. Hi All

    So I got some help the other day and was gonna get the mc agenda. Lv are trying to locate one for me at the moment. However I now love the look of the never full mm damier bag.

    Do I change me mine and buy a never full instead?? I don't own a tote bag and was thinking about it being a summer bag plus I don't own any LV bags. I have SLG in monogram, mc and Damier ebene as I'm not sure I like designer logo bags as I would be worried carrying it around. I mainly own mulberry bags for this reason.

    Also I've seen that the new monogram never full is an extra £120 for the additional pouch which I would not need as I have enough SLG for now. If they do change the damier to include the pouch it would cost more.

    What would you do?
  2. Go for the one you would use more. My guess would be the MC agenda will set out sooner though...
  3. I would say go for the Neverfull
  4. The Neverfull would be a wonderful summer tote, it gets my vote.
  5. Neverfull :smile: