Help! My charms won't fit on my bag!

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  1. Hi ladies, I have to say that the Juicy bug has bitten me hard over the past week. I went from never owning a Juicy charm to owning four :lol:

    So far I have been lucky enough to acquire the bumblebee, the leprechaun, the moon & stars, and the year of the horse charms and I ABSOLUTELY adore them all, only... they don't fit on my bag! I own the Michael Kors Selma bag in numerous colors and originally decided I needed to have a charm after spotting one on the bag in the "the addiction continues" thread... or at least I thought so. :crybaby:

    So, I need your help! What can I do as I really love the charms and want to utilize them as cute little bag charms. Any hacks I can do to make them fit? Any suggestions from anyone who has dealt with this in the past or seen a creative solution? :shrugs:
  2. I bought a keychain... and I attach the charms to the keychain! Haha. I got this leather tag keychain for 12 dollars and the leather part is removable. It might still be in stores.

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  3. Oh and I took of the ring for a different look and I can add more charms!

    Okay back to studying organic chemistry lol.

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  4. Thank you! That is a great idea!
  5. Dressyup, that's cute!

    I bought a big standalone clasp from JoAnne's jewelry craft section.
  6. I use either a Juicy Fob or KC to attach them to my bags if they won't fit on a zipper pull. Also Xatrina has a great idea, I bet you could find something perfect at a craft store in the jewelry section and you could likely get a gold and silver to suit your bag/charm of the day:smile:
  7. UPDATE time! So I actually went to my local beading store and tried a variety of clips and things to get the look I wanted and the winner was a large 15mm jump ring! The store only had it in antique bronze, so my shiny brass ones on their way courtesy of Amazon. :lolots:
  8. I will post a picture of my solution later when I am home! Also, I've ordered a few more charms (I can't stop!!!) so those will be revealed soon too! Thank you for your suggestions!