Help! My bubble coat is completely frayed and tattered after two months of use!!

  1. I need some serious advice here......I have so many burberry coats and have not experienced any problems with quality, but this one coat, a bubble coat that has an olive metallic sheen to it, has been the coat from hell! I bought the coat exactly one year ago and has been worn, at the most, for two months. The coat is completely tattered and it's been mauled by a wild it's deteriorating. When I first bought the coat, after a couple of days I noticed some strange wearing on the sleeve and returned the coat and was assured that it was just a blip and they gave me a new coat. Little did I know that style of bubble coat just starts to deteriorate once it is being used. What should I do now? The coat looks so horrible that I cannot even wear it out without feeling like a homeless person. I am not exaggerating! Is there any recourse??? Please help!
  2. I thought that I would update my thread.....I went to the Burberry store earlier with my tattered coat and right away they said they would credit me the full amount for the coat because they have had so many complaints about the material of this bubble coat. Thank goodness!! I was so stressed about having spent $800 on a coat that is damaged! So today I got to pick out a new bubble coat! Yippee! And kudos for their customer service!
  3. good job! and thats wut they SHOULD do! for wut they charge we should expect their products to glad u got ur refund ..... thats great customer service
  4. I'm glad for you! Burberry had a great customer service in this case
  5. they did what they shouldve done
    why put a faulty product out there