Help! My brand new St Louis has a small crack at the handle

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  1. Hi all,

    I purchased a Goyard St Louis PM size in black/tan about 3 weeks back in Hong Kong. It was sort of an impulse buy. Even though I’ve been thinking of the St Louis for about 2 years now (haha), I just didn’t think I needed another bag.

    Nevertheless, I was curious about the price in Hong Kong (I’m from Singapore) so I ended up queuing to enter the boutique. It took about 45 minutes before I could enter! The price was about 15% cheaper than in Singapore so I ended up with the purchase after getting excited about entering the boutique and the unexpected savings.

    Now that I’ve had some time to read more about the bag (research I should have done before any purchase), I’m horrified to learn about all the problems the straps may come with! I quickly went to examine my brand new bag and noticed there’s already a small crack in the strap (above the white thread) even though I have not used it yet. Please see the following two pics. They are of the left and right handles. Both have this small crack! 3A3EF615-081C-4C4F-9BDF-105ABB7AC25D.jpeg 2D65D7DF-CEC9-4B83-971F-93FC1C9CBD5C.jpeg

    My questions are:

    1) has anyone purchased the St Louis in Hong Kong or Singapore the past few months, and if so, how is your bag holding up?

    2) I’m intending to bring it down to the Singapore boutique to see if they can do an exchange for me (provided that the stock they have does not come with the same problem)

    I also understand that the view most people have with this bag is that it really depends on the draw of the luck: some people treat it like a workhorse and there are no cracks or maybe small cracks on the handle they can live with; and others can have an issue of the strap cracking badly after a few months of light use.

    I am also in two minds if I should just go ahead and use it (and hopefully it doesn’t crack up badly) or risk exchanging for another St. Louis that could give me problems... sigh. I’m intending to use it light, for weekends or small errands (not even for travel or with a laptop).

    Would appreciate any advice or help. Thank you in advance!
  2. Hmm I’m not seeing cracks. Can you repost with circles around where the cracks are? You can try to exchange and see what happens. Goyard presale service is wonderful but the after service imo is $&@& unfortunately. I have read somewhere on tpf though that because of strap cracking issues?with St. Louis goyard now offers free strap replacement the first year? I don’t know if this is true. Please keep us posted!
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  3. It’s not a crack, it’s simply where join the two pieces of leather join. There’s no detriment to the bag. But if you’re spending so much money, why did you not examine it properly in the boutique?
  4. I have a friend who has a St. Louis GM in Black Goyardine with the Black Leather trim/handles - same exact one as the bag I purchased. Granted yours (and mine, fairly) are brand new and this isn't an issue thus far but he had a bad habit of loading his St. Louis like he would with his Neverfulls with his school/work laptop, binders, water bottle, etc. and stressed the handles causing them to crack. It doesn't change the rigidity of the bag nor the handles, it just doesn't look the greatest up close. I don't see anything wrong with the handles on your particular bag, but just be cautious as to how much weight you are putting in the bag.
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  5. Hi, thanks all for your input. I could have been overstating the small crackline seeing how most people don’t see a crack at all. I am reloading the photos with the perceived crackline circled.

    Attached Files:

  6. If you see the photos I have just uploaded, it’s quite obvious it’s a crackline. The part where two pieces of leather join should be sealed, like the rest of the handle outside of the circle I have drawn. Like I mentioned in my original post, I was not aware the handles had so many issues when I was the boutique. I did examine the bag in general, but did not notice the crackline at all
  7. You seem determined to find fault with it. Take it back and buy something else. Simple.
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  8. That’s not a crack. The handles come looking like that. The cracks people are experiencing are horizontal.
  9. Not a crack.
  10. Thanks everyone. I agree it is not a crack like what other people who have worn it for a while are experiencing.

    It just looks like it was not covered by the sealant properly and therefore there’s a small split. I point this out because it is not consistent. One part of the handle has this split, the other part doesn’t. I will take a better comparison photo later.

    I agree, the handles could come like that. And because they were not consistently made i.e some don’t have this split, while some do; it could explain why some handles end up deteriorating badly after some usage.
  11. I am just making a point based on facts. This is a community where everyone comes together to share what they know. You may disagree with what I have pointed out, but there really isn’t a need to get all passive-aggressive in your response.
  12. I would change the title of my post, if I could. If any mods see this and is able to do so, pls change to “Do all new Goyard St. Louis handles come like that?”
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