Help!! my brand new Lady dior is tarnished.

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  1. I bought this brand newwwwwww three days ago from Harrods in London- I come home (Dubai) and I look closely and I find that the hook on the letter R is tarnished!!!

    I tried to get in touch with our local Dior boutique, supposedly the biggest in the Middle East- they've been hesitant saying that it would take the Paris office a month to get back to them, and that it would take 3-6 months to fix! I got in touch with Harrods, and they said to send it back and make sure someone can pick it up in three - four weeks, I unfortunately have no one to take it there. I feel very cheated, and angry at the 0 reassurance from the boutique especially saying that there may be extra charges for the repair!!! I was told that Lady Dior has a two year warranty post sale service in London.

    Can anyone advice with anything else I may have not thought of it?

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  2. Did u see the tarnish happen when u bought it? I never heard of a two year warranty for LD in London. Who gave you the info? Which floor did u purchase the bag from? Ground, 1st or 5th floor? Do you remember the SA who served you? I suggest send the bag to get the charms replace from Dubai to Paris. No point sending to London-Paris-London-Dubai. They should replace the charms free of charge otherwise it's around £130 for a new set of charms. Can you post a close up pic please? It looks like a portion of the silver coating has peeled.
  3. I unfortunately didn't see the tarnish at all! i was concentrating on a little scratch on the bottom of the bag- for some odd reason I missed it! I got it from the ground floor, I don't remember the name of the SA and when I checked my receipt it had a completely different name to what I thought I remembered. When I called them and spoke to another SA who kindly gave me his whatsapp to send images he reassured me that it would be for free! especially that it had only been three days since I purchased it- so it can't at all be my fault. The Dubai boutique said the wait to hear back would possibly take a month and then another two till it's repaired. I will post close ups but the tarnishing is only on the hook that's holding the letter R- and I can see that it's only going to get worse. :sad:(((

    thank you for your advice though, I will just wait for now to see what they tell me.
  4. You can also contact Dior international customer service to let them know of your situation as well. They are definitely going to repair for free. They may be able to monitor the situation to ensure that you get a speedy repair or even a replacement in Dubai.
  5. Omg that would be great! Where and how can I get in touch with them? Thank youuu so much I was secretly hoping you'd respond to my post 🙌🏼
  6. Since you've only had it for 3 days, can't they just accept a return and replace the bag?? I would be very frustrated with a new bag that needed repairing.
  7. Here is their international customer service number:

    +44 (0)20 7172 01 72

    Or you can email them on this page:

    You can also contact the UK page since you bought it in the UK:

    You can even request the UK line to call you back so you won't have to pay the long distance.

    I hope this helps!
  8. Great thank you!! they said they will get back to me with news soon :smile: i'll keep you all updated...x
  9. Get in touch with dior asap
  10. Any update?
  11. i have- they said they'll get in touch when they hear back from Paris :s
  12. not yet :sad:
  13. ok so I email Dior again to check on updates and they get back to me a day later by phone saying that they called the boutique and they will get in touch with me with updates soon. I hang up and go on with my day, ten minutes later I get a call from the boutique in Dubai asking telling me that after speaking with Paris they came to the conclusion that I can come in for a replacement and get a new bag instead of going through the hassle of the repair especially that mine is obviously new. I couldn't believe my ears- I thank her and still was in disbelief that it was happening. I run to the mall and meet with the same lady I had told my whole story to the first time, she was so welcoming and explained that it's an exception because it never happens this way but her director agree because they saw that my bag was new, only three days old when I brought it in the store initially and I think they saved both of us the hassle of repair. Soo she shows me the bag i'll be taking, i looked through it, it was immaculate except for the strap which was showing signs of peeling but she said to expect that with this finish and she gave me the choice of picking my old strap or the new one, which I think was fair. they packaged it well, gave me a new authentication card and that was that!! I still can't believe that just happened and that i can wear my bag freely - this was my first bag from Dior and to be honest I am so pleased with the customer service, for one, when I called the international customer care they actually had my name under my phone number so they addressed me with my first and last name and had all the information about my last purchase updated. So yes the bag wasn't in a pristine condition, yes the finish is super sensitive, and yes there was a lot of effort made from my behalf but I have to give them credit too- they surpassed my expectation and were extremely professional along the way. I think I am slowly converting to Diorrette :heart: Thank you all for reading through and helping me with suggestions....have a fab day!!

  14. Awesome News!!! So glad to hear you were well taken care of by Dior and hope you enjoy your gorgeous bag :smile:
  15. That's wonderful news! We are all thrilled for you; it's so great knowing that you have snatched victory from the jaws of defeat!

    Sure, it's good to give Dior credit, but I suspect that without you digging your heels in it probably wouldn't have happened. I know you are going to have enormous fun with your beautiful bag, and brighten the lives of those around you; I wish you the very best of luck! :smile:
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