HELP! MY BRAND NEW damier Azur Speedy 30 damaged?


    please sister is panic-ing, she just got this as a gift for her birthday, and wants to know if this crease will go away..? or should she go exchange it since it's still within 14 advance;)
  2. I think that happens when the bags come folded. They do go away if you use/fill the bag.
  3. Aw, girl!

    Tell your sister not to worry. I have 2 speedies, and both came with creases, but with use, they go away...just like that! No worry! Just make sure she keeps using it!
  4. No no, it's not damaged at all. Have her keep it out, and stuff it with t-shirts (clean of course), or anything else you can find that will fit. The creases DO come out. It wouldn't matter if she exchanged it, since the new one WILL have the creases too. :smile: And enjoy it, also with using it the creases come out too.
  5. It is normal, it will go away in time and with use ... tell her to stuff it with clean towels for a couple of days ... I did that with mine and it helped a lot!
  6. No worries, all speedies have those creases when you get them. Stuff it full and it will go away in a few days.
  7. Oh don't worry, they're all like that because most speedy are folded. Cute Azur Speedy! I got one too.
  8. LOL

    Don't worry it's not damaged! The crease will come out with use :smile:
  9. thanks alot..i told her, but she didn't believe..and before this incident she called me a nerd for looking at purses everyday..i made her a believer..Thanks again
  10. It will eventually go away, but tell her NOT to fold the bag!
  11. Stuff it with T shirts and let it set for a few days. They'll eventually pop out with use.
  12. I agree with what everyone else is saying. I got the LV store to give me a big box so I can store my two speedies not folded when I am not using them.
  13. Darn. Am I the only one who folds mine when I don't use it?