Help! My boyfriend doesn't dress well, kinda sloppy.

  1. So i love my bf in every way. :love: Except that he doesn't dress very well. To him, it's all about being comfortable (i.e. tennis shoes and khaki whenever possible) However, i prefer him dresses a little better when we go out (i.e. dinner at nice restaurants.) His reason is that as long as you are "comfortable", it's all good. He has lots of nice clothes in this wardrobe, but i always see him wearing the same old "crappy" thing.
    I don't want to bring this to him too often, but i couldn't help it at dinner tonite. I busted out saying that i hate the way he dresses. :sad:
    Then he suggested that i should ask you ladies for opinions on our "issue". Any advice is appreciated. :shame:
  2. There is a time and a place for "comfort" and another for "style." And comfort does not mean you have to be sloppy!!! If we go out, my DH always asks me what to wear (this took years btw- and taking him shopping and pointing out great outfits, tops, etc.). But at home, anything goes. That is his time to wear his sweats and gross t-shirts. But for the most part, he never looks sloppy if we are going out of the house - and if he ever looked too sloppy, I would just make a smart ass comment to get him to laugh and then he would change his outfit.
  3. I married a guy that lives in Old Navy cargo pants and t-shirts. I try to buy him something nice and he doesn't like it and says I am trying to make him too "preppy". He is a chemist, so he doesn't have to dress up that much at work.
    When he went to his job interviews after college he had to learn how to tie a neck tie from the internet. I am not kidding! (I never learned because I had no brothers and my father never taught me.)
    The only time I have ever seen my husband in a suit was our wedding.
    I can only tell you that if he is not open minded this probably won't change much over time. I have been with my husband for more than five years and can only say he has improved a little with age.
  4. my DH and i have been together for 6 years, married for 2. he's gotten very comfortable with me to the point where he would dress kinda sloppy also. until one day his father looked at him and said "well geez...i guess you're so comfortable you forget to look in the mirror before you walk out the door". LoL. after that he went back to dressing really nice. i never really said anything about his sloppy wardrobe, if he's comfortable he's comfortable, as long as he dresses appropriately for the right occasion. now if i could only get him to keep up with his haircuts.
  5. I suggest buying him new clothes.. and definitely start talking about the importance of appearance when you are outside your house :smile:

    And just mention it a lot in passing (not directed towards him), and point out guys and girls who are dressed up when they are walking around and point out how much better they look than other people in sweats.
  6. My hubby dresses in "Modern Biker". Jeans and a Harley tee. Dressing up is a clean tee and clean jeans. I don't care.....he's the best guy in the world.
  7. I know the feeling, my husband refuses to wear anything other than shorts. We've been turned away from nice restaurants due to his fashion choice.

    Anyway, if the boyfriend/husband is a good guy, and treats you well, I say let him be comfortable.
  8. vuittongirl,my DH is actually the opposite. he takes longer to get ready than me. He always has to make sure his clothes are ironed, match and go well together. Sometimes, I think I'm underdressed when I go out with him. With the exeception of my handbags;) My point is, the grass is always greener on the other side. Sometimes I wished my DH would just slap on the shorts and t-shirt so we can grab a quick bite. I think as one member said above, as long as you're happy with your DH, then let him be.
  9. I know this is OT- but OMG!!! Lelgin- I LOVE YOUR DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:love::love::love: So cute!
  10. Wait till he's at work, go into his closet and throw away everything you don't like. where's my tshirt? t-shirt? what t-shirt? here's your suit.
  11. i dress pretty well. my bf has his own look. it's different than what you would expect from NYC. he wears wingtip shoes in black and white, khakis, and a blue button up shirt. the kind that blue collar workers wear with your name on a white patch. very much like the verizon guy in the ads with the black glasses included.

    he looks like this


    the guy on the right. he gets it all the time. that's ALL he wears every single day.

    i don't really care. as long as he doesn't look frumpy he can wear whatever he wants.
  12. Fayden,

    You are funny...he reminds me of a nerd and they are pretty smart people!
  13. Hmm I'd say just discuss what you're going to be wearing before you all go out. Like when you're making plans you can be like "Well I'm wearing _____, what about you?" And if it's not something you approve of you can follow up with, "That's nice, but I love the ____ soo much better on you." It helps because then he can take his cue from you on how dressed up he should be and if he's slow on the uptake your suggestion will take him the rest of the way. I've been doing it with my boyfriend and it works like a charm.. and sometimes he'll just be silly and decide to wear the same color as me so we can match :lol:
  14. Ladies, thanks so much for the advices. Fayden, you are so funny. :lol:
    So i guess i should let him be himself, eh? He seems happier that way.
    We went shopping yesterday and he bought some new clothes. May be i'll see some improvement this Spring. :amuse: