Help, my Botkier is in need of some cleaning!

  1. I have a Botkier Sophie and its been through alot, any suggestions on how to clean the bag and which products to use?
  2. What kind of leather is it? What colour? What kind are you trying to get off? (Regular wear, oil, ink...)
  3. Is it a lighter leather or a darker one? If it is light leather you need to be careful of what you use since most products turn the white/ivory leather a yellow color. I use Lexol on my darker leathers including my Bianca. I also used it on the stirrup and the trigger when I had them. I haven't had a stain that I couldn't get out except for ink. I noticed it stains some white/ivory leathers but they have another forumla for light leather I haven't tried. You can usually find it in shoe repair shops.
  4. The bag is black. There are no stains, just the typical signs of wear and with winter coming I want to protect it.
  5. I have used two different things to clean my Botkiers. Lovin' my bags makes a good cleaner and moisturizer which I've used, like you seem to have, on overall signs of wear.

    I also used magic eraser on my bone Bianca. I was really nervous about doing it, and the leather looked a little yellow while the magic eraser was on it, but afterward it looked like new! It needed to be moisturized, but was completely clean. A member over on the LV forum used it on her LVs so I figured it must be ok for Botkier!