HELP!! My blueberry classique arrived today.....

  1. well ladies, this is my first Bbag. i orderd it sight unseen for Balny. i'm a little disappointed. i thought the color would be brighter. i don't know what to do. i have 10 days to exchange. what are the chances of an olive green first being available at Balny? i've called them and they are closed for the day. i'll never order a bag sight unseen again. what do i do? no refunds.
  2. Do you want origan (S06) or sapin (F06)? I think origan is more olive. If you don't love it, exchange it or sell it. You could also try is a very classic day to evening color.
  3. Sorry you are unhappy. So you can't return it and get a refund?
  4. nope, sadly the nyc b-bag store doesn't issue refunds, only store credit or exchange :sad:...i think it would be hard to find an an origan (light olive) first anywhere right now...but you might like the sapin (dark green) color instead (?) :shrugs:...or if you want something brighter, maybe the gorgeous fire engine red (?)...and of course, you can never go wrong with basic black :girlsigh:
  5. I'm surprised that you say it's not bright enough. My blueberry is SO dark and bright! Could you post a pic?

    I'm sorry you don't love it but you'll be able to find something you do like! Who is your SA? Have them take pics for you next time before they ship.
  6. :crybaby: i totally love the BLUEBERRY colour, but i guess its just not for everyone!!! i totally hope you can exchange it for a colour that you'll love!!! good luck!!!
  7. thanks for the encouraging words. i think it'll grow on me if i can't find a light olive. i'll post pics soon.
  8. I didn't know that. Sorry bagladykali:sad:
  9. If you aren't loving it, return it. Get something you're going to love.
  10. Are you interested in the Blue India? You could return this and wait for the Blue India to come in to use your store credit.
  11. Black is nice too.
  12. ^^I was going to say the exact same thing. The blue india was MUCH brighter than I thought it would be. Why not return you bag for store credit and put your name down for a blue india!
  13. You should wait for the blue india or get a classic black First.
  14. wow, good suggestions ladies! does anyone have a pic of the blue india? how bright will it be? like a royal blue?
  15. Bagladykali, perhaps you should describe what you mean by Blueberry being not bright enough? I actually think Blueberry is quite bright for its dark tone, Blue India is *lighter*, but not necessarily *brighter*. It is more blue-grey with hints of turquoise. If you are looking for colours like the 05 turquoise or bubblegum pink or apple, which literally "pop" and scream for attention, then Blue India is not one of those.