HELP! My Birkin has arrived but...

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  1. Guess what?!?. my H. SA called me today saying that my Ebene Clemence with P/H Birkin has arrived...! but it's a 40 instead of a 35.

    I went to see it and of course fell madly :love: :love: :love: with it. Considering that I am 5ft7 it doesn't look huge on me. The problem is that she checked with next autumn deliveries and there is a 35 Ebene coming but it has gold hardware.

    So what shall I do, get this one or the autumn one with gold H. ??

    Please let me have all your valuable advice, I 've got 24 hrs to decide, I've got to let her know tomorrow, thanks!!! :biggrin: :biggrin:
  2. Tough decision!!!!
    I think most important on the above would be the size. What size do you really want? Is the 35 what you really want? I feel out of the two you have to pick size over hardware.

    Trust me, when I bought my Kelly I wanted palladium, but it would have taken who knows how long to get it, but gold was available. Upon puchase, it became a very minor detail. Everything else about the Kelly was what I wanted.

    It would be worse if you had to decide between a color difference in leathers.

    Really think about the size...if 40 is ok and not too big for you I say you should get it. I know that for my size I could not pull a 40 off, so I would have to pass.

    Tough call, but that is what I think

    Make sure you can also say to yourself that you will have no regrets...if you can't...than maybe you should not purchase.
  3. I'd personally would rather have a 35 over a 40. This is a major purchase and think you should hold out for the size you really want. I think I'd much rather take a different HW and wait a little while than get a larger bag. JMHO.
    A B 40 in Clemence is going to be extremely heavy, just warning you. If you love it and the size okay, go ahead and take the plunge now.
  4. Wow it is great that they'll hold it! I'd go with the 35 :biggrin: The 40 is a lot larger IMO and heavier. I'd hold out, but if you really cant live without it, do it :biggrin:
  5. I think you should hold out for the 35 since that was your first choice. I think in the long run you'll be happier with it also. IMO I think the 40 is too big.
  6. I also think the 40 is too big ... just make sure that the Birkin 35 that comes in autumn is really reserved first for you and not for another client.
  7. Thanks girls, I'll sleep over it and let you know tommorow what I decide, that is if I'll be able to sleep..!?! Goodnight all and thanks again!!
  8. Yes let us know! That is really tricky. But for a purchase like that you need to make sure you love love love the bag- so if you had your heart set on the 35 I'd stick with the 35!
  9. I'd see if it was possible to buy the bag to show your good faith, and then let your SA and his or her manager try to swap it for what you want from another store.
  10. Good idea coco-nut.
  11. I read that people are using 40s for diaper bags. You can buy both, if that is within your budget. If not, then buy it anyway, carry it around the house for a day and go exchange it if not happy with the size.
  12. I prefer 35. Size 40 is way too big more suitable for pregnant mothers.
  13. I agree with Megs. Wait for the 35cm.
  14. I see that you're all unanimous on the size , it just bothers me getting yet another H.bag with G/H (all my bags have gold hardware) so I really wanted palladium this time. I wouldn't mind waiting till the Autumn if the one arriving had Pall but it has gold.

    So goodness knows when a 35 Ebene with Pall will arrive.

    Do you think it's a valid argument that of having all bags with gold hardware and none will pall, or is it irrelevant? Should I wait till the autumn and get that one, or wait further till one with pall arrives?

    Please give me your thoughts...:worried: :worried:
  15. Hi Duna, I know it's a tough decision but I'd rather take a different h/w than get a larger bag. JMO of course.

    40cm is not an ideal size for everyday. A friend of mine had always wanted a 35cm but she ended up with a 40cm Birkin from Hermes 3 years ago. She totally regretted her decision till today :sad: her 40cm Birkin is now a museum piece in her closet.

    IMO, many Hermes colors go well with both gold and pall h/w. The difference is the impact as well as the "look & feel". Say for instance a black Birkin...with pall HW it will have a very casual look. With gold h/w it'll look very classy. Who might like an ebene with gold h/w when you see it in person? :smile: If not, then you could continue to wait for one in pall h/w.

    Hope this helps!