HELP! my bf won DUMMY NOKIA N93 under my acc..!

  1. The fellow tPFers, please help me, I'm in trouble now by my bf place a bid and won "dummy" or "repelica" of Nokia N93 from eBay France. The lin below:

    eBay: Téléphone NOKIA N93 comme neuf! factice (item 170089673139 end time Mar-14-07 06:21:10 PDT)

    Unfortunately, he used my account to place a bid.
    I checked seller's feedbacks and found so many ppl gave - by he sent them "dummy" mobile.

    His feedbacks page below:

    eBay Member Profile for totem-75

    What I've to do? How to report it to eBay? Should I report it to eBay france?

    Please advice & many thanks :smile:
  2. Did he pay for it with paypal? File a claim and state the item is "significantly not as described." Did he pay with a credit card?
  3. Thanks for heads-up, Lorih. No, we haven't pay yet. I emailed my seller on eBay france ( another seller ) since I'm so doubt about that auction~there's no pics of actual item~from adver. only~then he asked me to not to send him money since he's selling dummy. OMG, it's approx. $330!

    Should I contact eBay fr?
  4. If you haven't paid for it, then definitely contact eBay and tell them the seller is fraudulent.
  5. Lvgodiva, it is better to risk a neg FB than spending 300$ on a dummy phone, BUT: the auction states "factice" which means, if I get it right with my poor french knowledge, "faux", "dummy". So basically the auction states that the telephone is a dummy. I do not want to defend anyhow the seller (he/she clearly relies on the misunderstanding to sell the dummy phone), but I do not know if Ebay can do anything about it, because the auction sells exactly what is advertises...
  6. She can't cancel the bid, the auction ended already ...
  7. It is true..

    factice adj fictitious (unnatural) facticea.imitated (copied)

  8. forgive me, but what does it mean w/ 'dummy' phone?thx
    so basiccally it is fake nokia?or it isnt a phone?but just like a toy that a lot of stores put as an example??

    well, if the seller said dont pay, then dont pay;)

  9. I guess it is one of those non-functioning phones you could put in the shopping window if you were a telephone shop.. but it is also evident that the seller relies on the misunderstanding to sell them! it is stated only once in the whole auction that it is a dummy.

  10. True but it is stated in this particular title it is fake. There is surely no case in all honesty.

    If I was you I would have checked these words or avoid buying from a foreign seller merely because of the language barrier :/

    In this case the seller can't really be at fault.

    EDIT: If he's said don't pay then don't. Next time you should really make sure what you're buying.
  11. I agree, it is written in the title, but there is no further description of the phone itself in the body of the auction nor the fact that it is a dummy phone. I think the seller is deliberately misleading his/her customers by leaving out this info.

    I can only hope that eBay will agree. But, I also agree with you that it is better to risk a negative feedback than pay for the item.

  12. Even so .. if it was English there would be no case but just cause it's in a different language... :confused1:
  13. I know what you're saying, my point doesn't have to do with the fact it's a different language, but the fact that it's very easy to overlook one word in the title, especially given the fact that there is no mention in the description that the phone is non-functioning. It is too easy to overlook, and I believe the seller is deliberately leaving that fact out of the description to mislead buyers into thinking it's a real phone.

  14. I wasn't accusing you :3

    It's just you can't be sympathised that much espicially when the proof is right there.. it's like buying a fake bag and complaining because it's fake.. lol