Help! my beloved speedy!

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  1. can anybody help me??

    i finally bought a Speedy 35 (thank you to everybody who helped me choose a few weeks ago)

    however when it arrived there is a massive crease in it :sad: and it wont come out, does anybody have any hints or tips to get rid of it. im really upset :sad: i purchased it from eBay from a powerseller and i think it was how it was shipped.

    help!! many thanks! xx
  2. stuff it old clothes or polyfill, and let it set for a while. that's what i've done in the past. never store it folded, that's why it has the creases. people cheap out out shipping by folding them so they don't have to put them in a box.
  3. i know! i was so so upset when it arrived all folded and nasty. Like you say, they are skimping on the shipping. Ill give it a go. I have tried steaming it a little just to heat the canvas - make it settle.

    thank you so much jellybellymomma! much appreciated. Does anybody know any other tricks???
  4. They fold it even if you brought it from a LV boutique!! The Speedy was designed to be able to be folded when needed to be.

    Just stuff the Speedy, let it rest for a couple of days and it will be just fine! Let us know if that doesn't work! :smile:
  5. Just use the bag.... the wrinkles will disappear. Don't worry!!
  6. I bought all my speedies from lv boutiques and they all still have the creases in them. I carry my damier speedy the most-almost every day for about 4 months and it still has very obvious creases. I guess it just takes time. I even e-mailed lv about it and they said just normal use over time will take them out. My SA didn't even have any tricks for getting them out quicker. I think when summer gets here and the heat can warm up the canvas it will look better.
  7. oo good point. Once summer is here the sun will help them to drop out! i suppose im just immpatient :shame: Thank You everybody!
  8. it comes out with time, use and softening of the canvas.
  9. Normal use will get it out and stuff it when not in use.
  10. Even when ur bags aren't in use, stuff them with clean shirts as well.
  11. oh yeah..that happens...stuff it and use it! that'll get rid of it! oh..when I store my speedy 35 I put clothes and the dustbag in it to even out the creases! so far so good!
  12. Stuffing doesn't help my stubborn creases :sad: I've had my bag stuffed for 2 weeks straight, and the creases are still in. BLeeeeeh.
  13. No problem, mine too! Just carry it and they will just be gone one day!
  14. no biggie, it's a 'standard' for LV speedy/luggage, it will be fine after use, congratz!
  15. that happened with the speedy i bought on eBay too. i thought the creases were because of the way it was shipped, but they're starting to come out with use and stuffing when not in use