HELP! My Bayswater got wet!

  1. I need help! My Bayswater got rained on, not alot just spots of rain, cos i tried to cover it with my jacket. Now that the water has dried up, there are still some darker spots on my bag. Is there anyways to get rid of it. Or perhaps make the spots ledd visible??? PLease help:crybaby:
  2. a sales assistant in Selfridges told me that if you take the bit of leather with the water spot and kind of bend and knead it a bit it with your fingers it disperses the water and lessens the water mark.
    The marks should fade as the natural patina develops. Had you sprayed it with collonil waterstop spray? just interested because i wonder how effective it is at preventing water marks.
  3. ^^ Similarly a sales assistant at the mulberry shop in York said if you get a metal spoon and try and knead it from the inside it should help lessen them!
  4. If you've used the collonil spray there should be no problem. The spots dry out and fade away after a few hours. If you haven't treated it, it will take longer, but still blend into the patina.

    I've had my Bayswater in some serious rain, and it looks just fine. Good luck!
  5. Collonil spray works.
  6. Yes! i use the Collonil Spray also. But i still get these ugly spots on my bag.
    i shall try the kneading technique. Thank you all for your comments and tips.
  7. HELP! I have juts bought my first Mulberry - the Jodie and i want to get hold of some Collonil waterspot to protect it -w here can I get it from in the UK please?
    Also will other leather cream do?


  8. Alot of shops sell it the shop by me they do mail order. If you want it?