help! my Balenciaga purchase anxiety!


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Mar 8, 2006
hi everyone, i just placed my first balenciage order thru ny bal yesterday. i ordered a camel City. but now i'm really not so sure about the color, the SA Terry promised me it's beautiful though. i have a bit of the leeway since Terry told me the stock won't arrive till next week (probably a bad thing for me:sad2: )

i kind of torn between black and camel. i'm a jean-sweater-sneaker person all the way and prefer understated style. so what do you guys think? black or camel? i really need to convince myself one way or the other here
I don't think you can go wrong with either color. If you wear a lot of black and greys, then I would go with the black, but if you are more a neutral tones, browns, etc... like me, then I'd definitely go with the camel.

They are beautiful bags and I can almost promise you that it will not be your only B-bag. Once you get one, you'll get another. Black comes almost every other season too, so I wouldn't worry too much.

Good luck! and post pics when you get it!
I think it probably depends on whether you prefer black jeans or blue jeans. The new camel seems a darker brown than what I normally think of as camel and I think would go nicely with faded blue denim. The advantage is that you can always get black and it seems that once you get one, you'll end up probably getting another...
I saw the camel. I am a jeans girl and think you made a wise choice. Summer is on its way too so you may find you love it!

While I was deciding on a bag light brown or black a wise friend told me there will always be a nice black bag to purchase but other colors are harder to come by!

Please post pic's I can't wait to see your beautiful bag!
I think black bags will always be more or less available, but the camel is a nice color which may be more limited, and will be nice for spring/summer.
I think camel will look very nice with jeans and show a bit of contrast. Also, it's a very versatile color. There are other black bags, but camel from Balenciaga doesn't come that often.
I love the camel- I think you will just love it once you have that little beauty in your hands. And in the unlikely event that you aren't crazy about it, you can always exchange it for the black or some other color instead. BUt I think you will be so happy once you get it! Let us know what happens!
I think the camel is an excellent choice! I saw it for the second time in person today, and I love it! It's a rich, elegant color that will look better with age. Several people have mentioned that black will always be available, but this color won't, and that is a good point! I think this will be one of those colors people will search for after it's discontinued, so if you do tire of it, you will be able to sell it easily.

I'm jealous that you are able to get a City bag in this colour! I haven't been able to find one, so I am getting the First. (My third First!)
Terry was my SA, too!! I agree with the majority here - stick with the camel. I also had this same concern when I exchanged the White Twiggy my husband bought me for a Cornflower Blue City. I kept thinking "I should have got it in black". But, like everyone says, it is sooooo easy to find a great black bag. Now, finding a great Cornflower Blue bag is much harder! I haven't seen the Camel yet, but it sounds like it will be a great color for all seasons!

Congrats, either way, and let us know what you decide.
you guys' timely advice have difinitely calmed me down a geat deal. i'll just stick with my camel city. ha, how funny i've called it mine already, guys are right, it's definitely not going to be my only balenciaga bag for long, i can always get a black one next time

also, there's been quite a few thread dedicated to the condition of leather. any suggestion here? i know for sure i don't want it to be shinny or waxy. but i'm not sure about distressing.....what should i tell them about that when they call me next week? guess my anxiety pops out elsewhere:shame: :shame: :shame: