Help!! My bag is slit open by pickpockets!! Not for the weak-hearted!!

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  1. I need help ladies, I'm on the verge of tears soon:cry: Anyone know of a good repair shop for ripped bags? My mum brought my beloved VF SGH Work to Bangkok and it was cut open by pickpockets while she was shopping:wtf: Luckily she wasn't hurt and her belongings weren't lost BUT my bag is ripped beyond repair!! I didn't buy this from BalSG so I'm not sure if they will help to salvage. I went to to a few local cobblers and bag repair shops but all of them couldn't offer any solutions. Does any kind souls know where I can bring this for repair? I don't mind if I have to send it to the States if it means I can get it fixed! I just want my VF back to its original state:crybaby:

  2. Try to contact Loving my bags/barbara with your pictures. I feel you.
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    Oh dear!! I'm so sorry to hear what happened to your dear VF :sad: Definitely try Babara, hopefully she can give you some advice. Do keep us updated on what happens sweetie.
  4. So sorry! Agree Lovin' My Bags is the way to go!
  5. Oh no!! Def call LMB. I'm so sorry this happened.
  6. OMG, how awful! I'm glad your mother is OK!! But I really undertand your frustration. It's hartbreaking to the this beautiful bag cut open:sad:
    I would say the same thing as the others, go to and contact Barbara. She is very helpful and honest and answers quickly.
  7. I am so sorry for you, your mom and your bag! :crybaby: What a beautiful bag to have to have this happen. I would say that if any one would now who could fix it or who could fix it would be My Lovin Bags. At least the thieves didn't grab the bag off your Mom's shoulder and hurt her by doing so. Let us know what you find out.
  8. OMG.. unbelievale....
  9. Thanks ladies for your input! I have sent my pictures to LMB and I really hope they can help me with it. The only good thing out of this whole situation is that my mum is still safe, thank god for that! But my VF is a wreck :cry::cry:
  10. Oh, pinkiestarlet, I'm so sorry that this happened to you and your mum! I am so happy that your mum is o.k. That was a very sharp box cutter or knife that ripped through your bag. Unbelievable! Your mum could have been hurt if she would have turned suddenly....:shocked:

    Your bag - your beautiful VF!!! Unfortunately, I don't think there is a way to make that an invisible repair, but on the bright side, the majority of the damage is on the side.

    Do you have a skilled leather repair person in your area? Or an alternative would be to send the bag to Luvin my bags - they are so used to working with Balenciagas that I think they could do a great repair.

    Good luck, and keep us posted on your bag!
  11. lovelygarments, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that LMB can repair it, I really don't mind if it's visible, I just want it sewn up! But all of the stores I went to told me most likely it's impossible as even the piping is cut up, argh!
  12. So sorry to hear that~do hope your bag could be repaired!
  13. i'm so glad to hear your mom is okay. i'm so very sorry about your beloved VF though. definitely call upon Barbara. She and her husband are miracle workers.
  14. OMG this is terrible!!! Glad your mum is okay. I agree with everyone else about contacting LMB.

    Good luck!!:flowers:
  15. I am so very sorry this happened!! But very glad your Mom is okay and if you stop and think about's very good that they used the knife on the bag and not your Mother! That would have been horrible.

    Let us know what LMB has to say about repairing your VF. Again, soooo sorry!