Help!!! My bag has a defect!?!?!

  1. I bought my white MC Shirley from an LV boutique just about 5 weeks ago. Yesterday I was taking pics for tpf and OMG, I saw a dent(?) on one of the brass buttons :wtf::wtf::wtf:. Anyone ever seen this before? I've only used it a handful of times and never looked that closely to notice.

    Please help...I'm a little freaked out and don't know what to do :sad: TIA.
    Shirley 1.jpg Shirley 2.jpg
  2. Return it, but next time make sure to inspect the new bag before you buy it. I'm very anal with stuff like that too, and I just exchange it for a better one
  3. Return it.
  4. Return it, if it really bothers you.
  5. So did you ever post your reason for asking about John 5...?
  6. Looks like the craftsman hit it a bit too hard with the hammer! lol

    Take it back and see what they can do for you :smile:
  7. Return it, or highlight the issue and I am sure they can replace the brass button for you. I don't think they would charge or anything.
  8. Thanks, guys! The knee-jerk reaction has faded...tee hee. I'll take it back, hopefully they won't give me any hassle. Thanks for mentioning the above, lamiastella. I think you're right about that. :p
  9. They shouldn't. You have only had it 5 weeks.
  10. Don't worry, I'm sure they'll let you return it with no problem!
  11. If it truely bothers you then you should return it to the shop:smile:
  12. You can try and return it, but since it is passed the return exchange policy time, they may want to send it off to the repair shop and just replace the button...
  13. GoodLVck!!! I hope they do something with it.
  14. is it ok if I was just curious? what, no one's curious about certain people anymore? yes i did, i posted my reason on the who is john 5? thread. it's b/c he would sometimes post rules about certain things and i just wanted to make sure if he was moderator. i'm sorry if this caused such a paranoia to all of you. geez.
  15. mmgustilo, saw your pic on myspace. YOU ARE GORGEOUS!!! Sorry for the off topic.