Help! My baby's defective!


Dec 30, 2006
I cannot believe this!!! You need to call the boutique back and ask to speak with a manager. LV's policy here where I live is the warranty is for 2 years; HOWEVER, if something happens that the bag needs repaired in 6 months or less from purchase date than a new replacement is given! You need to call the manager, this is a gift from your aunt. When you took the bag in, did you take the receipt with you because if they did not have the receipt, they will go by the date code inside the bag to determine time frame from purchase? I would be demanding a new replacement!
Why is it that whenever I buy a new bag, they tell me the warranty is 1 year?
Anyway, I think you should get a new bag too. Your aunt paid for a perfect bag, and clearly, this one is not. They can't say that this is anyone's fault but their own.
I really dislike poor customer service......


Jun 20, 2008
Go for a brand new bag. That looks like who ever was attending the sewing machine was asleep at the wheel!:shrugs:


on a shopping spree...
Aug 1, 2007
City of Angels
Demand you get a brand new one definitely!!! They should go by the date code and since the handles havent even oxidized yet they should know it is brand new and offer a new one! That's horrible and would definitely go back if I were you..