HELP, My baby is weaning herself on milk...

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  1. my baby girl just turned 10-month old. She started to drink less milk ever since I started introducing solids at 6-month. I was not that worried initially cuz she is a bit on the heavier side earlier and also the doc said its completely normal for them to do that. Just starting this past month, she would only take two 5oz bottles + two times of 4oz solid food a day and I started to get really worried. She basically can go from 12pm(after her solid) to 7pm without anything. I tried to offer her milk but she would throw a tantrum every time. She wont really take water or juice either. I've tried sippy cups or regular cups but nothing really works. I've tried different brands of formulas even soy ones. She just got mad whenever I offer. She is not sick or teething. I am worried about dehydration cuz she doesnt make much urine in the whole afternoon. Has anyone ever heard of anything like this?
  2. as long as she is still having wet diapers you know she is not dehydrated, when those diapers are few and in between then its time to get her to the doc. she also may be in a growth cycle, my youngest son will eat and eat and eat and joke, seems like that is all he does all day for a few days and then it seems like he doesn't want to eat at all for a while. he sleeps a lot as well.

    i worried and worried about my kiddos all the time, finally i have come to realize that when they are hungry, they will eat. so will she, don't doubt that. :smile:
  3. After one year, and solids are well established babies only need 12 oz of milk a you're really not that far off.

    Just keep continue to offer milk, water and juice...if it continues to be extreme call your doctor.
  4. Thanks, ladies. Jusd took DD to see the doc today. Doc said everything looks great with DD actually since she is gaining weight from the last visit. You guys are totally right!! But I really dont enjoy the part of feeding her.....:tdown:
  5. I am glad to hear she is ok. 10 months is the perfect time to start finger foods. Small pieces of just about everything, Meat, well cooked veggies, potatoes, bananas, toast, crackers, cheese, fruit, can be eaten. She does not need to have teeth. Emily started finger foods at 9 months and she didn'y have any teeth until 12..but by then she was feeding herself :smile: