Help! My azur is damaged!

  1. I ladies, does anyone knows if this is repairable? Theres a rip at the bottom of my artsy.. Im so upset!😔


  2. LV won't repair ripped canvas. :sad:
  3. Try a bit of glue ~ a good craft glue. Is the tear a "flap" that you can glue back down?
  4. yeah the flap can be glued really so sad right now..sigh..
  5. Before you put any over the counter glue on there and risk damaging her further I would take her to a good cobbler. He may be able to repair it better than you ever could with a commercial adhesive. I'm so sorry for your bag! Do you know what happened? Hopefully a cobbler can fix it.
  6. Yes, this ^ let a pro handle it. I've tried to superglue "simple" things (never LV though) and if the glue accidentally drips or "spreads" when you press down on the flap, etc. you'll have a mess.
  7. ouch! :shucks:
    if ever you decide to put glue, be very very very careful, those little drips can damage your bag even more.
    it may be best left alone.
  8. Hope you get it fixed! Let us know how it goes....
  9. LV won't repair it.. I would take the advise of the other posters and take it to a cobbler.. One good thing is it's at the bottom of the bag so it isn't noticeable..
  10. Sorry to see this! Is this a recent purchase? I remember you were thinking about Azur Artsy or Tivoli PM... if this is how you received it "new" from the store, I'd bring it back.
  11. It was damaged from shipping..:sad:
  12. Really??? How???:amazed::confused1:
  13. you can return it, if that's the case.
  14. Shipped from LV? Wow, that's terrible. Return it.
  15. OP if it was shipped to you from LV that way there should be no questions as to it being repairable. You should've called right away upon receiving to let them know it was sent to you damaged. OP did you use the bag first?