1. Hey all, i need yr help. i sold couple of items on eBay and my auction clearly states ALL SALE FINAL..buyers use paypal and now both wan to return items.. it was for a belt and buyer said there was few scracthes that was not visible and want to return it.. the other was a planner that was brand new but buyer said too small..thye have already ask paypal to placed hold on the money....i answred all do i have ot refund them the money? what option do i have?

    this is the 2nd time it happen to me..:crybaby:
  2. I would refund the money to them before they file a dispute with paypal and get all of their money back leaving you without your items and money!
  3. You can do one of two thing. You can ask them to return item then give a refund or you can wait for them to file a dispute with paypal. It will be up to the buyer to prove that item was not as described. If you stated the size of the agenda then the buyer should have read decription before bidding. You may not have to return money if you win paypal casebut buyer may leave you neg feedback.
  4. I would stick to your policy. I had someone awhile go change his mind on an item and I told him I would not accept because he changed his mind. He filed with paypal and they sided with me.

    They can leave negative feedback but so can you.
  5. You will probably have to accept a return on the belt but with the planner did you state measurements on the listing?
  6. I don't know...I would love to tell you to stick with your policy, but the buyers will probably only make things worse when they do not get their way. A few scratches, though not a big deal if minor, I could see asking for a refund. But the buyer of the planner wants a refund because it is too small? As long as you posted the dimensions then I do not see how that is your problem!
  7. Unfortunately whenever Paypal is involved, no matter what you say in your listing, a sale is never final. Depending on your buyers complaint (exact reason given to Paypal) this will determine whether you may win the disputes or not. On instances where one sells a used item, the seller is more likely than not to win the dispute if the listing listed the item as used, described it as such, and the photos showed the condition of the item. When listings state 'new' then Paypal is more likely to side with the buyer, but again it all boils down on the explanation given by the buyers to Paypal and how you worded your listing.
  8. I don't specify return policy in my auctions and I have never had someone want to return anything but if they were reasonable and agreed to pay all shipping, I'd probably take it back. I'm not a high volume seller though - its probably different with them.
  9. I sold a toiletry set and the seller asked for a refund,,,,,,I got so worried wondering why. I asked her and she said her boyfriend got her one for her birthday. What a cheek? I told her to try and sell it on eBay then!~!!
  10. I've had that too and told them the same thing!! Sheesh

  11. how did it end? arent u afraid of negative feedeback or buyer filed complaint with ebay or paypal?