1. I am only trying to spend under 200 dollars on some flip flops. I want them to have leather on them somewhere. And I am a beefy dude so they shouldn't be to delicate! but not dookey either. I do like the thong and not the over buckle thing.. any suggestions. Ive been eye balling the coach milfords for a time now. But is there anything else out there? I'm clueless and a designer virgin.. please HELP!!!!
  2. prada usually has a really nice selection of leather flip flops for men as well as polo ralph lauren and ferragamo. It would range from $200-300 though. Here are some options, look at the image file name for the price and designer.
    Ferragamo-Corsica-224.jpg PaulSmitch-109-eluxury.jpg Polo-175.jpg Prada-NM-290.jpg
  3. i really like the polo.. i was going to go with coach but really i dont see much special about em!
  4. boo.. thats it? no one else has any suggestions. im completely virgin to where to look for mens designer flip flops!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  5. I think if you want designer and under $200 you're pretty much limiting yourself to Coach.
  6. okay 500 then?
  7. I think Bottega Veneta makes some nice looking men's sandals. I am with you on liking the thong style traditional flip-flop better than a strap style. I think they might have some styles on their website.
  8. i just fell in love with the crocs
  9. Yes, they are very nice--love bottega. Their sale is supposed to start next week, too (pre-sale june 4, regular sale june 6).
  10. hmm
    are there outlets somewhere?
  11. there is one in woodbury commons. they have sent pics of bags and such to people who request them--I'd call and ask.