Help! Must find an Ugg wallet

  1. Can someone tell me who sells Ugg wallets other than Zappos? I had found the exact one I wanted on clearance at Bloomingdales but everytime I tried to add it to my cart, it said out of stock. Now it's totally gone. :sad: I've called every store and nobody has one.

    I'm trying to find the zip-around wallet in raisin color. Zappos has it in 3 other colors (one below is in sand) but I need that raisin color one.

    If anybody can steer me somewhere, I'd sure appreciate it! I've been looking for HOURS with no luck!


  2. I've never seen it but it's really cute! Good luck!
  3. Sorry twoharley, all the sites I've checked so far only carry their boots :[ Hope someone can help you soon. I'll be keeping an eye out though.
  4. Oh gosh my Dillards & Macys in Tucson had LOADS of those on like 70% clearance a few months back. I haven't checked recently, but I'd try around to those stores & see if any of them have some left.
  5. Ebay has one in chocolate. item #6870844614
  6. Thanks all! I just called my mom and told her to go to Dillards and Macy's first thing tomorrow morning and please look for this! I'm calling the Tucson stores tomorrow, too!

    I can get the sand if I'm desperate and have had a search going on ebay for a week with nothing turning up... but I really HAVE to have it in the raisin color... it was so frustrating seeing it on Nordie's website and not being able to get it! :rant:
  7. Did you have any luck?
  8. Nope... no luck at all. :sad:

    I set up a search on ebay and hopefully someone will sell a new one soon.
  9. idk if you ever found one but Bloomingdales has one in burnt olive on sale for 29.99

    and I think you can get 30% off that as!