Help! Muscade or Argent Mini Paddy??

  1. Which one should I get? Is the argent very shiny or does it become a little matte without the lighting, is it awkward to use during the day? that's I kindda see in the pics. I am drawn to the argent but the muscade seems more neutral? and a couple hundred less :smile: TIA! :confused1:
  2. Have you had a look at them in store?

    Do a search for argent mini, and muscade mini in this forum and you should be able to see more pics.

    The muscade is more of a solid brown colour, while the argent kind of shimmers between taupe, silver and lilac (in my opinion).

    Either way you cant go wrong.

    My only real advice is to go with your heart and not with your wallet. :love:
  3. I think the argent in the mini is stunning, I love muscade too but rather in the med satchel as an every day bag.
    So I vote for argent in mini and muscade in med...:graucho:
  4. I think the argent mini is stunning too! When I'm off my purse ban, it will be the first purse I purchase!! :yes:
  5. Thank you everyone!!! I have decided on the mini argent. I will post pics when I receive her. I am now officially heading to the purse ban club...this is it for me until Christmas sale :smile:) (who am I kidding right?)

  6. You're going to love it!