Help: Murakami Neverfull Pm

  1. Need your help on two questions::confused1::confused1:

    1) how much is MOCA (Murakami Neverfull) PM priced at store?
    2) is it sold out?

    Thanks a lot!!!
  2. it's 860 without tax
    i don't know if it's still avail or not though
  3. My sisters were in LA last week and they still had plenty of the PM. The MM was limited in quantity and the GM had sold-out. HTH!
  4. I hope it's still available by the time you get to it, good luck!
  5. Bummer!!! I should have checked with you gals before bidding on eBay. I'll probably end up paying $200+ for this PM than if I had ordered at store. Feeling really blue now...... :crybaby::crybaby:

    Thanks for the info. anyway.......
  6. Don't feel to bad... There is no way possible to order it from the store. It is only sold in person at the Los Angeles MOCA location.
  7. It seems MOCA has three locations. Do you know which location carries this bag? I am thinking to send my friend over there and check it out. :p:p

    The Murakami exhibit is at the MOCA Geffen Contemporary in Los Angeles (next to Little Tokyo). View the MOCA website for more information.
  9. Thanks a lot! :heart::heart:
  10. I just went to the exhibit on Saturday and passed by the LV store and they only have PM's and there were maybe 10 at most