Help! Mulberry Tooled Bayswater Y/ N? In Oak or Chocolate?


What color shouldl I get the Mulberry Tooled Bayswater in

  1. Oak

  2. Chocolate

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  1. Hi Ladies

    I simply cannot decide - the Tooled Bayswater in Oak or chocolate color?

    Any of you have a Mulberry Bayswater? How do you find it? Is it easy to look after? I haven;t decided to buy or not too.. or whether I should save my money and get something else.

  2. I have one in oak and I love it. The SA said that it will get more beautiful as you use it. As posted in other parts of the forum, at least with respect to oak you need to waterproof it or water will leave stains on the bags.

    The only downside of the Bayswater is that it's a tad on the heavy side...
  3. Thanks Tokyogirl!

    Is the oak difficult to look after? And will it scratch more easily? How long have you had yours and how does it look now?

    I heard the leather gets stained easily so chocolate would be a better bet.. but if the sprays does protect it from stain - it shouldn't be a problem... should it?
  4. I have had my oak for couple of months, so I am not the best person to be giving you advice. Yes, I think the scratches show more easily (than the oak).

    If you get a oak, you should definitely spray it. My SA (and other Mulberry SAs of other PF members) all recommend this one type of protector.

    Of course, I have had no problems with it since I sprayed it. However, I think other PF members have recommended that it be sprayed regularly.

    One general advice, whatever bag you end up choosing, you should check out as many as of the same bag so you can compare. The leathers on the bags (even of the same type and color) can look very different.
  5. I have a choc/alnond tooled Bayswater, which I take everywhere.
    I just got the plain oak (not tooled) and think it is more `grown up` so I have yet to carry it !
    I have 2 oak tooled Bayswater in the post, I plan to sell one nearer Christmas for a very small mark up, as that will be out of production then I guess.

    I love this bag, great size & I love it being heavy, it has fantastic quality.
    The bags may mark but spraying can leave them darker, I have the spray but haven`t used it yet.
    It it`s raining I leave this bag at home !!

    Both colours should go with black or browns so that is most winter coats covered ! I can take a piccie of mine if that helps ?
  6. I love both colors but voted for the Oak. I saw a woman with a well-loved Oak at work it looked great the color wears/ages beautifully!
  7. Thanks ParfaitAmour!

    So which color would you prefer the Oak or Choc?

    Both are on sale at the moment from their website 50% off. Only the Tooled Bayswater are on sale though. However there are lots of other bags.

    For me, I would need it to be ok in all weather, in London you just never know when it will rain!
  8. Isn`t the Mulberry site sold out of Oak though ? They have restocked their chocolate ones now.

    Try luisaviaroma for 50% off tooled bayswaters if you`re quick. The oak is more classic but both are gorgeous.

    I`m only 60 miles from london-if you can carry an umbrella then you should be okay. I have twin toddlers who want to hold my hands, so I can`t protect myself with a brolly !!