Help...Mulberry owners

  1. I know this is LV forum:shame: , but there is no Mulberry forum. So I think I may ask the question here since I visit here most:rolleyes:...though I've not posted here before:sweatdrop:

    Do you know if I can use Windex on Darwin leather? I recently bought a mulberry bag but unfortunately found there were two scratches on the front side. The scratches are not deep though, just the color of scratched area are much lighter than other areas. I know windex can make scratch less visible on vachetta, but wonder if it also works on Darwin. Just want to ask you guys opinion first. Anyone experienced this before?

    I also have a damier zip compact which has many minor scratches on the leather part due to everyday use. I can use windex on this one, right? Oh, I'm too terrified to try it before someone can confirm:sweatdrop:
  2. Umm, well, I don't think I would EVER use windex on vachetta. I wouldn't use it on any type of leather. Maybe you should call LV and get their official instructions.:yes:
  3. I wouldn't use Windex on leather. Maybe you can get a leather cleaner, like Coach brand cleaner- it will probably be more gentle and will not damage it.
  4. I agree w/ Spiral. I wouldnt use windex; that has amonia. I'd go get some leather conditioner and use that.